Puppy & Dog Treat Machine – 3333

The only Gumball Machine for dogs. This unique machine allows you to train your pet to push the handle down to dispense his or her own treat into the bowl. You’ll have hours of fun watching you dog learn this great trick. (Treats not included). 1 year warranty

Quick facts

  • Metal Body, Metal Lid, High Impact ABS Bone, Break Resistant Acrylic Globe
  • Dogs Love to get there own treats
  • 1 year warranty
  • COLOR Gift Box

Top reviews

Finally she learned out to do it!

I had nearly given up on my dogs learning how to use this machine. I had seen so many dogs on youtube and people saying they figured it out in 5 minutes…I was thinking that my dogs were NEVER going to figure it out! They would scratch and scratch on it and just could not seem to reach up and hit the lever. I would get so frustrated watching them that I would end up pressing the lever for them. I think they had me trained! Finally, after 4 months, they figured it out! They are so cute working the lever. This is a great toy and I would highly recommend it. It is very durable and well made. I think I enjoy it as much as my puppies do.
VilmaWadesboro, NC

Yuppy Puppy treat machine

This is our second machine. Both this dog and our previous dog love it. It’s easy to train them and they enjoy accessing their treats. Wrigley takes laundry to the hamper and then is rewarded by clicking her treat machine. Our friends are amused by her ability to know when she can and cannot retrieve her reward. It’s fun!
TristanRankin, TX

not for our dog

Our dog has not figured out how to use this toy. He loves food and eats it quickly if we put it in his bowl but is not particularly curious and tends to leave things he does not see as his alone. For instance, he will not bother an open bag of dog food if it is in the pantry and easily accessible to him. Our dog’s brother has a similar toy and figured it out with few demonstrations. Construction seems somewhat sturdy but it has not had much use in our household to really be tested. Filling it is a bit of a pain as you have to unscrew the screw at the top. It’s easiest done with a screwdriver. I don’t think you should have to need a screwdriver to fill food but the way this is constructed, if you don’t use one, the lid remains loose. You will need a small scoop or a funnel to not make a mess filling it.
EllamaeSherman Oaks, CA