Pure Maple Extract 32 oz. by JR Mushrooms

Great for making cookies, cakes and frostings. Add to baked beans for a delicious maple flavor.

Quick facts

  • Great for making cookies, cakes and frostings
  • Add to baked beans for a delicious maple flavor
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Top reviews

Very weak!

I was disappointed in this product – it does not taste maple, smell maple or impart a maple taste in the recipe I used which calls for maple extract. I have to say a bottle of maple flavoring off my grocer’s shelf worked far better.
CheryleHagatna, GU

taste like maple flavor, not extract

I have been searching everywhere for maple extract and was excited to find it on Amazon. I was disappointed that the taste was the same as the 3 different maple flavors that I have used in the past. There is a difference in the taste of a maple cake…which is still yummy….just not as rich in maple taste.
MarvinLutts, TN

Maple extract at last!!!!!

I’m so thrilled to have found maple extract online. I can hardly ever find it at the grocery stores; it’s so frustrating! My grandmother used to make a rich chocolate cake with maple icing. So, the maple extract brings back memories of her love. Thanks. Also, the price was right too.
ShuCuney, TX

Pure Maple Extract

Product was delivered well packed. Smell and flavor are excellant. Didn’t expect the product before we needed it, but it arrived by priority mail in days.
MiguelAngels Camp, CA

Great Product

This extract has a wonderful maple flavor. I add it to agave syrup to get a much healthier pancake syrup than the high fructose poison that is sold in stores. This extract has a dark color so with agave it looks just like regular syrup. And great customer service to boot!
MichaelaBrutus, MI

Good maple flavor boost

I use this product primarily for oatmeal/maple scones I make regularly. The recipe calls for a small amount of maple extract. Recently, I decided to experiment by switching Agave syrup with maple syrup in the recipe. I added an extra teaspoon of the maple extract to the agave syrup and in the final scones, I couldn’t taste the difference.
ElidiaFort Blackmore, VA


This extract arrived just a few days after I ordered it! Great service! And it tasted wonderful in the cookies I made.
MonnieAtlas, MI

REAL Maple Extract

The extract was just what I was hoping it would be. We are using it to make pancake syrup & it is perfect. I was shocked when it arrived at my door only 2 days after I ordered it. The extract was packaged well. Couldn’t be happier!
MarvinWinterville, ME


I can’t eat much in the way of refined sugars because of a health condition, and Maple Syrup is a refined sugar. I make a more benign Maple syrup by adding a tablespoon of this to about 12 ounces of Agave nectar. It is delicious and I can’t tell it from grade B (the dark kind) maple syrup. I am thinking about trying an experiment, adding it to Splenda or Erythritol/Stevia mix and putting in the food dehydrator to make maple sugar substitute. I’ll let you know how it works.
TawnaGreene, IA

maple extract

This item was really hard to find, so I was pleased to get it conveniently online. It came quickly and packaged well. Now, I have my own maple syrup.
MarlineColumbia, MS