Pure Sorghum Syrup, 1 quart

Pure sorghum, locally packed. Great on pancakes or use in baked beans or any recipe calling for molasses. Milder tasting than molasses.

Quick facts

  • 1 quart jar
  • Pure sorghum, locally packed
  • Great on pancakes or use in baked beans
  • Milder tasting than molasses
  • Save money with combined shipping by ordering several items from Barry Farm.

Top reviews

Sorghun not sorghum?

The product was cloudy and pale, not dark and clear like true sorghum syrup. The taste and mouthfeel was more reminiscent of gum acacia or gelatin. I was very dissapointed and discarded the material as unappetizing at best. I found another supplier who is a member of the sorghum syrup producers association and displays their logo.
JillClarksville, AR

Delicious Sorghum syrup

I haven’t had sorghum since I was a child when my grandmother would make pancakes and put sorghum on it. So you can imagine that my memory of the taste carries an emotional attachment. When I tasted this product, it was everything I remembered. It is the highest quality sorghum with the authentic, original taste. For anyone looking for good old fashioned sorghum, look no further. I would not hesitate to order this again.
DelAtkins, AR

late and short

I found Barry farms through amazon and ordered 46 oz of sorghum from their website on 6/25. After my third email requesting a tracking no. I received an email from postal service stating that the product was being mailed on 7/2. No responses directly from Barry farms. I received my order and it was 32 oz quart jar and my invoice states 46 oz. I emailed them again.
PaulitaMidvale, UT

Quart bottle of sorgham

I am disappointed with the sorgham from Barry Farms! It has very little sorgham flavor to it. In fact, my daughter said that it tastes more like syrup that you would buy at the grocery store and I tend to agree. Sorgham has a dark brown color and you can’t see through it even when you only have a teaspoon full of it. The Barry Farm product is clear enough that you can see through it when you pour it into a pint bottle….

Won’t be buying any more….

M. Roberts
Loveland, Co

AugustinaStrathmere, NJ

Not what was expected!!

I searched for a long time yo find sorghum syrup. After receiving my JUG of Barry Farm sorghum syrup, I still have not found it!! It was totally tasteless and goopy. I spent nearly fifty plus years in the food and food related
industry, I’ve experienced the very best and a good deal of the worst, this product belongs to the latter…enough said!
AdelleFairmount City, PA

Poor taste

I was really disappointed with the Sorghum we purchased. We have been users of it for over 50 years, and have previously had bought it from other vendors, usually from Indiana. This product, though sweet, did not have the expected molasses taste. It was just too bland.
Walter C. Daniels
SanaMellwood, AR

Not your grandmother’s sorghum

I ordered a quart of “pure sorghum syrup” and it was delivered in good condition, packaged well, and arrived quickly to my doorstep. That is where the compliments end. This was not sorghum. It was pale and sweet with a weird aftertaste, and had a taste more like karo corn syrup than anything that is like sorghum molasses. I was very disappointed and had to throw it out since no one would eat it. If you like karo corn syrup on your pancakes this is for you. Sadly not for me.
LaneLinwood, KS

It’s OK, at best

The sorghum syrup arrived promptly, and was also well-packaged. The flavor, however, was far from what I had in mind. My last sample of sorghum was from a farm in Mississippi. But they don’t ship. Anywhere. Cash and carry at the mill. Too far from here. This didn’t have the texture and appearance I was expecting; it was pale and cloudy and certainly didn’t have the flavor. It’s hard to taste a product over the internet! But when you pour it over a fresh biscuit, it’s flavor improves greatly!
MickiPort Hope, MI

A taste of Americana

The sorghum was delivered in a timely fashion and well packaged against breakage. This pure full flavored syrup is old fashioned comfort food, a true taste of Americana. The only folks I’ve found that know about sorghum also share my southern heritage. Nothing goes better on fresh baked bisquits!!!
JeanenePlains, MT

Barry Farms

Barry Farms was very prompt in sending my order of sorghum syrup. They give very good service and the product is excellent.
BertaSarver, PA

Excellent Taste

This is like down home, forget the molasses and pancake syrup. Sadly, cannot find in San Francisco.
RefugiaBurnt Hills, NY

Food review

It is very mild and a bit disappointing from the sorghums that I remember from years past. I will not purchase this brand again.
AdrieneSouth Amboy, NJ

hard to find item here, APO

Can`t find this item here for the military in Germany. Graet to have some of that home taste over here. The product was fine but thé cost I paid for shipping wasn`t the same as what the company paid for USPS. Paid more then what they paid to ship to me. Maybe they should relooc at the shipping fees for APO’s. Thanks.
DebraJohnson, KS