PureBites Beef Liver .25 oz.

PureBites Beef Liver .25 oz. – Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treat

Quick facts

  • Dogs Love the taste of PureBites
  • PureBites are made with only 1 ingredient. 100% Natural and Pure USDA Inspected Beef Liver
  • PureBites are high in protein and less than 10 calories per treat
  • PureBites are made in the USA
  • PureBites are Freeze Dried to lock in valuable Nutrients and Freshness

Top reviews

My dog said “WHAT?”

I knew there wouldn’t be much in the package but I wanted to know if my dog liked it before purchasing more. I pulled out a tiny little piece of nothing much other than air and offered it to my 95 pound dog who looked at me like I was nuts! I think it got lost some place in his mouth and he never even tasted it.
My cat, however, loved them!!!!
EvonBartonsville, PA

nothing much in package

OK, so I should have read and understood the package size… it is tiny and no way worth it.
TerraStonega, VA

good stuff-tiny amount, perfect size if you just want to give your pet a 1-time indulgence!

considering how expensive this stuff is to buy…
it’s good stuff-tiny amount, perfect size if you just want to give your pet a 1-time indulgence! I think this is the 3rd time I got her this stuff in 5-6 year period.
NataliaPrattsburgh, NY

I beg your pardon to the low raters!!!

This stuff is tops – pure ingredients – my fussy tiny tot 10 lb morkie loves them and he won’t eat anything for the most part….they are high caloric also after doing the math and he needs that to supplement his filet mignon, lamb, chicken breast and sirloin dietary preferences. He seems to be repulsed by commercial 4 and 5 star kibble and canned foods that he used to enjoy. His lack of appetite occurred after the rabies and distemper shot that were given simultaneously. I had requested that this not be done as toys seem to have problems with all the additives etc in the shots, and since then he hasn’t had much appetite. The vet’s nurse suggested that it is the supplements causing the appetite problem…..typical as most of the medical establishement and veterinary establishment as well are hammering supplements lately.
RaneeGary, MN

Trial sized

This was a great way to try a new treat. My dog really seemed to like it.
TedUniontown, OH