Purina Busy Bone Dog Treats

Dogs get swept up in the long-lasting fun of Busy Bone, where tasty twists and turns hide a yummy middle with real meat. The fun part is watching your dog get lost in his own little Busy world. This is your mini dog’s playful chewtime challenge.

Quick facts

  • Eight (8) 7-Ounce Bags of Busy Bone Dog Treats
  • The Original Large-Sized Busy Bone Chew with a Real Meat Reward in the Center for Pure Chewing Excitement
  • Made with Real Meat in the Middle for the Ultimate Reward
  • Long-Lasting Exterior with a Twisted Shape for More Chewing Fun
  • The Perfect Size for Large Dogs

Top reviews

Purina Busy Bone – A Lethal Product for your Dog

I write this letter after considerable thought and anguish. On Friday morning, February 25, 2011, I was awakened by the screams of my fiancée Lori as she sat on the living room floor cradling Greta, our 2 ½ year-old registered female Pug. Greta crawled under the coffee table and there choked to death alone on a Purina Busy Bone.

I’m left wondering how Purina, a company with a name as iconic as Betty Crocker, Bayer, Gerber and General Mills, could have not only manufactured such a lethal product, but, as I’ve since discovered on the Internet, has had issues with it in the deaths of other dogs for some time – and not pulled this dangerous item from the shelves. I find this absolutely appalling. I’m 57 years-old and I’ve put my trust in Purina products since I was a child. And now our beloved Greta, purchased from a breeder as an adorable puppy in the fall of 2008, is dead because of your product. And Lori, my sweetheart of 32 years, a stroke victim in 2004 and who most certainly can do without this kind of stressful catastrophe; a great animal lover, has had her heart torn asunder. She’s simply devastated – and angry. And so am I.
Did you know that in the United States its citizens spend more on their pets than their children? Are you familiar with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show series which includes the world’s finest breeds in competition for “Best in Show,” including the Chinese Pug? Do you have any idea of the loss we’ve suffered at your negligent hands?
I could talk about the money we paid for Greta from the breeder, and having her spayed (we don’t breed our beloved pets; we keep them as loving companions for as long as we can). And there are the regular check-ups, and shots and so on. I find it bitterly ironic that the veterinary office we use is within walking distance of the Kroger store from which we purchased your killing Busy Bone.
I have a 91 year-old father who lives alone. I visit him at least twice a week, sometimes more if time allows. He certainly appreciates those visits. But he also has a fulltime companion – Spencer, his Jack Russell terrier. Spencer will turn 12 in May. Dad is disabled, uses a walker, is scheduled for heart-valve replacement surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, and has a myriad of other health issues. Yet despite them he has managed to take very good care of his dog. And I believe if it weren’t for the loving attention Spencer gives dad, he would not be alive today. His dog has given him something special – the gift of life. Something which Purina has stolen away from us. You’d think that Purina would have the same consideration for the welfare of dogs in this country as a disabled 91 year-old man. But tragically that’s not the case.
Yet there’s more. We also have a male pug which we named Winston because he has the same tenacious bulldog features etched into his amazing face as that of Winston Churchill. Winston, like Greta was, is truly an individual – a soulful companion. And like us, he’s now subdued. He’s actually depressed because his playmate has disappeared and he doesn’t understand why. This concerns me.
I am a professional photographer and writer by trade. I work with the general public and I have to present a side to it which instills confidence. Writing, by nature, requires a certain state of mind as well. As a result of losing Greta, all I can think about now is me handing her a Busy Bone, not knowing that it would snatch her away from us forever a short while later. The guilt is killing me. How can I write? How can I do anything? Grief passes they say. But tragic memories remain fixed for a lifetime. And what makes things worse in this case is that Greta’s death could have been prevented.
Though both Winston and Greta liked the Busy Bone, several times in the past Greta had gagged on it. So, I served her a smaller portion each time, which, after careful observation I assumed resolved the problem. In retrospect I should have responded more to the concerns Lori expressed over this potential danger to begin with. In a brief moment, while we were in another room, Greta died because of your product. And why should such a product even exist? Why wasn’t it at least labeled as a choking hazard? Why didn’t Purina conduct the adequate safety research before releasing this product to the stores?
The answer is self-evident: Gross negligence. A negligence which has caused the death of not only our beloved Greta and other dogs, but has now indelibly left its mark in Lori’s and my life. We’ll never be able to erase the painful images seared into our minds of her lying still on the floor. I lie awake at night thinking about it now, as well as remembering digging her grave in our backyard through such anguish that even I, a writer, cannot express in words. It’s now the closest we can get to our special friend. We are utterly distraught. Greta, only 2 ½ years-old, healthy and in her prime, a wonderful, loving companion, is gone forever. It’s a horrid loss that cannot be replaced – thanks to Purina.
The very least Purina can do is pull all forms of the Busy Bone from the market immediately, and to conduct adequate, responsible research in the future before releasing any Purina product.

Karl and Lori
Former owners of beloved Greta, purebred female pug. Our baby. Gone forever.

LacieEdgerton, MN

German Shepherd sized treat lasts about an hour

I buy this as a special treat. It lasts about an hour and my large dog really enjoys it.
MichaleMinden, LA

Busy Bones

These bones are pricey but my German Shepard loves them. Because the bones are so dense and heavy they take a lot longer to devour, hence the name, Busy Bone.
LynnaSelkirk, NY

Doggie gone wild……

Our German Short Haired Pointer goes crazy for these bones. They are big, tough and it takes our 100 pound dog a good hour to chew through this!
AdinaCrab Orchard, NE

Purina Busy Bone Dog Treat-My Pets’ Favorite

This quality product is my dogs favorite healthy chew treat. They enjoy the Purina Busy Bone, immensely. They prefer this treat to rawhide chews and do not quit on the Purina Busy Bone until it is finished.
LashawnaStephens, AR

Great Buy BUT

Bought these for my two dogs, one and English Mastiff and the other a Black Mouth Cur […]. I thought it might keep them occupied for at least an hour as other reviewers had stated. Well, of course, my dogs had to be different. 10 minutes flat, all chewed and gone. I might add, both of my dogs are aggressive chewers and that’s the reason I went looking for something that would last. For other dogs, who chew normally, it may well last for an hour or so.

They both love these bones and this packaging is a great buy. I will continue to buy and give as a weekend treat for my boys.

MitchDe Beque, CO

My dog loves these bones.

I bought one of these bones for my lab/shepard mix, 65 pound dog, and she loved it. I bought the first one from Petco and the large size was 8 dollars. Amazon is over 50% cheaper and there is free shipping. Before committing to 8 bones, you can do what I did and head on over to your local pet shop to see if they carry these bones and then see if your dog likes them. It takes my lab about 1 hour to eat the whole bone. I really like that it breaks into small pieces which eliminates my worries about my dog choking on a big piece of bone.
LishaBaskerville, VA

Ok product but bleeds color

I have a 10 month old Weimaraner that loved the Busy Bone Chewbone treat. He has some separation anxiety and they can help keep him calm. It takes him about 15-20 minutes to eat but it is long enough for him to calm himself down. I just make sure he keeps it off white stuff. The red center bleeds a little if he drops the wet side down or a piece gets broken off and falls on a light surface. My dog will chew on one end then leave it if he gets distracted then come back and chew on the other end and the wet side dies surface he is on. I have been able to clean it out of stuff easily enough but it is a little bit of a annoying that I have to. I also wish they were cheaper.
GussieSkygusty, WV

Expensive, Messy and Quick

I had pretty high hopes for the Busy Bone. I have a large, active chewer (the kind of dog that has to have several bones to choose from all the time if you don’t want her to chew up your bed frame). I was hoping that with the Busy Bone’s ‘long-lasting’ promise, I might be able to just give her one of these and at least have time to wash the dishes. Why don’t I describe what happened next…
I was in the kitchen washing the dishes. It had been about fifteen minutes since I’d given the dog the bone. Deeply absorbed in annoyance with myself for not rinsing said dishes, I was scrubbing vigorously when an awful sound met my ears: a terrible and hauntingly familiar crunching noise. The dog was eating my bed. So I go into the bedroom to scold her and even before I get a chance to look at the bed frame, I am struck by the mess she has caused. The Busy Bone somehow leaves little brown crumbles ALL over the floor. Too small and numerous to pick up by hand and too gushy for the vacuum cleaner to clean up, the oobleck has to be washed out of the carpet with a dish rag. And did I mention that they’re expensive?
I will continue to stick with real bones that I purchase from the butcher. They’re cheaper, they last longer, and they don’t leave a terrible mess.
KristyBlanchard, MI

Not very busy…

My dog demolished her busy bone in under 5 minutes. I think she basically ate it, which was a huge disappointment. We were hoping for something that we could give her that she would ENJOY, but also something that would last a bit longer. In addition to being more of a treat than a chew, these things are messy. She had it all over the floor around her,and all over her paws. It makes a sticky…goop that isn’t very easy to clean up. I definitely won’t buy these again, it’s too expensive to only last 5 minutes.
KelsiWilkesboro, NC

Almost 5 stars

I like the busy bones. My pit has to work at it a bit harder than she does some of other “large” bones on the market. I do wish it would last a little longer. She can finish one in under 5 minutes. I’m giving it to her because I want her to be BUSY. Not distracted for 5 minutes.
RichardRimersburg, PA