Purina Pro Plan Savor Canned Cat Food, 3-Ounce Cans, Pack of 24

Devoted cat owners want to do more to bring out the unique greatness they see in their cats. To help your cat thrive, our foods are created with both outstanding taste and extraordinary nutrition so your cat’s full potential can shine through.

Quick facts

  • Twenty-four (24) 3-Ounce cans of Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Chicken Tomato Pasta Entrée
  • Great Taste, Variety & Outstanding Nutrition
  • Made with Real Chicken Complimented with Tomato & Pasta for Exceptional Taste
  • Rich in Omega Fatty Acids for Healthy Skin and Coat
  • Optimal Protein and Fat Levels Help Promote Ideal Body Condition
  • Great Taste Guaranteed (see details in Product Description section below)

Top reviews

For Mr. Picky Kitty

I have 4 Kitties and am quite accostomed to someone turning his or her little pink nose up at the carefully picked out choice I have make for them. Plus orange and white feral kitty lives ot back and gets a mixture of left overs for supper in addition to one or two cansof friskies to round off of his diet.I consider him a voting member when it comes to deciding whether the 4 regular house cats just cot too much of something or actually did not like it.
Chicken, Tomato and Pasta entree has been favorite here for the last 6 mo. Everyone likes it and there are rarely left overs, so I have to have a compassionate day and give Mr. Feral A WHOLe can of his own from time to time. He gobbles the stuff while the others tend to eat it more politely. But Everyone is well fed. though not chubby. 4 cats
just got a thourough vet check and all was well. Mr. Feral is not afforded that luxury as he is quite costly anyway, loveable though he may be..he is truly Feral, so no playing or petting.
So, my 5 kitties give this Pro Plan 5 stars! Hope your kitties like it as well as mine do!!!
MatthewButler, WI