Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food, Finesse, Adult Chicken Tuna and Wild Rice Entrée, 3-Ounce Can, Pack of 24

Every cat is different in her own, wonderful way. That’s why Purina Pro Plan offers three product categories – Savor, Focus, and Finesse. So find the Pro Plan formula that will bring out the best in your cat. And give her the nutrition she needs to be graceful. To be agile. To be great.

Quick facts

  • Twenty-four (24) 3-Ounce cans of Purina Pro Plan Finesse Adult Chicken Tuna and Wild Rice Entrée
  • Made with Real Chicken and Tuna Complemented with Wild Rice
  • Rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Multiple Sources of High Quality Protein To Help Promote Ideal Body Condition
  • Offers balanced nutrition to help support a strong immune system
  • Great Taste Guaranteed

Top reviews


This was billed as a new flavor being carried on Amazon in August 2012. I bought it on a Gold Deal Special.

I have 5 cats and they all absolutly love it. This spoiled group of kids are given their wet food at about 5 pm each evening. Kibble is available all day, but wet food is treat time.

On the evening of the day I received this, I gave my inside kitties (4) a total of 6 three oz cans of wet food, with two of them being the Chicken, Tuna, and Wild Rice entree. Additionally, my outside kitty, who is Feral, but has been trapped and neutered, also got a can.

All three can were immediately eaten and eaten before the other flavors; although, I did include a Tiki flavorTIKI Cat Napili Wild Salmon & Chicken in Chicken Consomme (Pack of 12 2.8 Ounce Cans) and a Fancy Feast favorite which was a Talipia AppetizerFancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, Steamed Tilapia, 2-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 10) in the mix so I could be certain that the Pro Plan was being eaten because it was liked and Not because it was the only decent thing available. And to be totally fair, I put out Pro Plan favorites which were a Turkey and a Salmon: Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Salmon, Shrimp and Rice Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24):Pro Plan Canned Cat Food, Adult Turkey and Rice Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

It has been two or three weeks since I first received this Chicken and Tuna Entree made by Pro Plan. It continues to dissapear every night; although, a half dish of some flavors always make it to morning.And though the Chicken and Tuna is a great meal, the Pro Plan White Meat Chicken and Veggies is their favorite in the Pro Plan Chicken line up….at least so far:Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, White Meat Chicken and Vegetable Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24).

So, I would recommend this to all my Amazon Friends’ Kitties. My Kitties say your kitties will most likely love this IF THEY ARE CHICKEN eater…we know how delicate they all are. So, thank you from: Trinity, Gabriella, Wisdom,Mercy and “Yellow Kitty…my feral guy.”

JosphineRunnells, IA