Quaker Instant Grits Real Cheddar Cheese, 12-Count Boxes

Quaker Cheddar Cheese Instant Grits are ready in a matter of minutes, so you can prepare tasty and creamy grits whenever the craving hits. Enjoy a savory bowlful with breakfast, or make up a cheesy side dish for lunch or dinner. In addition to a creamy taste, Quaker Instant Grits also offer a good source of calcium and iron. See nutrition information for sodium content. These individual packets of Quaker Instant Grits are quick and easy to prepare. Simply empty the packet contents, add hot water, and stir. You can have a warm and hearty serving of creamy grits in just minutes–anywhere there’s hot water.

Quick facts

  • Includes 144 packets (12 boxes, 12 packets per box)
  • Rich cheesy flavor for a savory breakfast or side dish
  • Easy to make and ready to eat in minutes
  • Good source of iron and calcium. See nutrition information for sodium content
  • Ideal with breakfast, or as a snack or savory side dish
  • Pack of twelve, 12 ounces each (total of 144 ounces)
  • A good source of calcium and iron
  • Cooks fast

Top reviews

I love cheese grits

Good solid product. Granted, those who take their grits seriously would never be caught dead making instant grits, but for those of us who aren’t so serious this is a quick easy solution. I do find that the quality is better if you let the product sit for about 5 minutes after you pour in the water. Grits take longer to soak in the water than instant oatmeal.

I use this as a base for my breakfast, I make the grits in a microwave bowl, let it sit for a bit, then mix in some egg product (no cholesteral), nuke it for 2 minutes covered, and then throw in some tinned crab or lox or whatever and I’ve got a really tasty filling low cal hot breakfast.

I also eat this stuff straight as snack in the evenings.

I live in the midwest, and while Quaker headquarters is here, its almost impossible to find any of the instant grits other than the plain flavor in stores here, since grits is really a southern food. I was thrilled when I found I could buy it from Amazon.

TyreePicayune, MS


I love cheesy grits but could only find them when I visited the south. When I found them on Amazon, I did the “subscribe and save” option and now get a case every other month. Yaaaayyy!
AzziePlacentia, CA

I Love My Cheese Grits!

As other reviewers have mentioned, trying to find anything other than plain grits in the stores where I live now is impossible. After living almost 30 years in Georgia, I moved to Washington State 3 years ago and was hoplessly gritless until I found them on Amazon. Yes! I can buy a six month supply at one whack! I love my cheese grits for breakfast but I also take them backpacking with me for breakfast on the trail. You just can’t beat a warm bowl of grits to fill you up before a long hike. (And their light weight to boot!) At only 100 calories a packet, they keep me filled up and ready to roll! Thank goodness for Amazon for carrying them, and Quaker for making them. Cheese grits rule!
DeandreaFall City, WA

Good price, great service.

I love Quaker Instant Grits. I eat them every morning at work, quick, easy and filling. I find that purchasing them by the case is more economical than buying on sale at the grocery. On sale they are $2.50 a box, from here, they are $2.34 a box. I am going to eat them, so why not buy at the lower price.
RandolphEast Poultney, VT

Childhood favorite!

I loved these as a kid, but have a hard time finding them in the stores here. Amazon to the rescue!!! I love that I can buy a whole case of them and have them around for whenever I want them. This was my pregnancy craving, so I have recently run out, but am back to buy more!!!
GeniaDevers, TX

Easy Breakfast

I love it. It’s great and convenient. And having for the cost, I don’t have to worry about purchasing more for sometime.
LawandaPartridge, KS

The best

These are really tasty. Try some sampler boxes (combo box with bacon, cheddar, butter, and original flavor) if you aren’t ready to commit to a case.

Each pack (12 per box) is 100 calories. Good for a quick breakfast or a warm snack.

I eat these every day. Yum!

KendallValley Spring, TX


It’s great to get a nice supply of cheesy grits and have them available any time my husband wants a nice hot bowl of grits for breakfast. He loves them.
EdgarDeerwood, MN

Great Purchase!

I received my order promptly. I was delighted to find this product because none of the stores in our area are stocking it.
IldaNorwood, NY

Just like back home

Yep – the same instant grits you get when you actually live in the South. Finding these on Amazon to ship to LA is excellent – a little taste of home. As another reviewer mentioned, anywhere outside of the south, it’s hard to find any other flavor of instant grits than plain and sometimes it’s not even easy to find those. Having these shipped straight to my door is great!
InocenciaHurst, TX