Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Baked Apple, 1.9-Ounce Cups

Quaker offers Baked Apple Oatmeal Express. All the delicious taste of baked apple and Quaker oats, in a convenient cup that can be enjoyed anywhere your day takes you.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 1.9-ounce boxes (total of 22.8-ounces)
  • Made from 100 percent whole grain quaker oats
  • Good source of calcium, iron and 7 other essential vitamins and minerals
  • Hot water friendly and cool to the touch exterior

Top reviews

Cannot believe how good this is

I have high colesterol and was told oatmeal is great to lower it. I have tried many oatmeals and hated all of them until this one came along. It is really good and I recommend it highly. I also have a very particular grandson who also loves it…Really good, try it.
SirenaGold Run, CA


I love this oatmeal. It’s handy to store, good to eat and so very easy to take with you when running late to work, going out of town, or for an evening snack.
MaragretVotaw, TX

I like this oatmeal

Placed the order on Friday, got the shipment yesterday (Tuesday), so I tried it today. Its pretty good. Healthy breakfast for less than $1.25. Its pretty tasty too. Just open up oatmeal pour hot water wait for 5 mins and enjoy. The dried apple pieces gets chunky and tastes good.
AlmedaMc Intosh, AL

Great breakfast!

These oatmeal cups are great for the working person! They’re very convenient, taste great, and better than any drive-thru fast food breakfast! I keep them in the office for those days that I’m running late and have no time to eat. I think they’re a little pricy, but I guess we’re paying for the convenience 🙂
SherylShingle Springs, CA

Great Oatmeal

This Quaker oatmeal has the best flavor. It is so convenient to just add hot water or warm in the microwave. Perfect for breakfast when you are in a hurry, or even when you’re not and want a really flavorful hot cereal.
SandyBarryville, NY

Very good

This is a great tasting oatmeal that is very easy to prepare. I have tried all 3 flavors and of course this is the best. I have also tried Seneca oatmeal in a two pack but they were really bad compared to this. My problem is that stores around here only cary the brown sugar flavor so I either have to order this online or visit Tarket which is 80 miles away. Everyone in my family really enjoys this and someone in the house is always having oatmeal.
LynelleTrout Creek, NY

A Big Hit At the Office

My husband took a box of these to work. Now all his work colleagues are addicted. They are fast, easy and everyone loves them!
SammyChazy, NY

A great way to start the day!

This oatmeal is not only portable and handy, it tastes great! The apple bits add lots of flavor and are not too sweet as to overpower the oatmeal itself. The servings portion is just right. I’ve tried all three flavors of the Quaker Express, baked apple, maple, and cinnabon. These tie with the maple for taste and consistency. The cinnabon is a little too sweet for me, but I recommend you give them a try and make your own decision. They are all very easy to prepare. Just remove the top, fill the cup to the indicated water line, and zap in the microwave for 1:15. Perfect every time! Great for a quick breakfast or office snack, and healthy too!
LavonaWellington, CO

Great deal for a handy product

I bought this when there was a special on Quaker products here on Amazon making it even a better price!

This is a great product, a good size for a quick breakfast. Like others have stated, I too keep some of these in my desk at work.

EzraHackensack, MN

Oat Bowl Review

I really like this product. I keep it in my desk drawer at work and eat one every day without fail. I only whish I could find it in the stores. However, when you can find the bowls, they don’t have the apples in them. Anyway…great product!
JaniseLongview, TX