Quaker Quick Grits, 24 oz

High in iron, low in fat and no cholesterol.

Quick facts

  • High in iron, low in fat and no cholesterol.

Top reviews


When I received this, along with several other items, I had grits everywhere! The packaging did not protect my grits. Now I am without my morning cheese grits for breakfast. I am going to try one more time.
ToiCrouse, NC


These cost $2.00 from the grocery store! No reason to buy online if you have access to a grocery store…
PiperJohnson, NE

Big price, yum taste

I love the flavor and don’t have the patience for old fashioned grits which can take about 45 minutes to cook. This is the best option between the gross instant grits and the slow cook old fashioned. I like to eat them with a breakfast meat and cheese with a drop of butter.

I must point out that anything more than about $2.99 for the 24oz is a bit steep. If you live state-side, check your local grocery store or Target/Walmart to find this product at a reasonable price. However, if you don’t have convenient access to a general American grocery store (deployed, overseas, care package, etc.) then perhaps this price may be worth it.

Never dissappointed with the taste, just the online price.

TatianaMc Gaheysville, VA

good food

What to say,I grew up on it and it still taste good today. I plan on continue toenjoy its great taste as part of my morning meals
ChariseOxford, NJ