Quench Gum Tub-O-Quench, 49 Ounce

Quench Gum is a classic sports gum that can be a bridge to hydration and keeps you in the game. Tub-O-Quench is approximately 300 assorted pieces of gum per tub container. It includes all four fantastic flavors – new great tasting grape, juicy orange, tangy fruit punch and classic original lemon.

Quick facts

  • Relieves dry mouth and quenches your thirst
  • A fun bubble gum that kids will enjoy
  • #1 sports gum in America for a decade
  • A great product for little league and other youth sports

Top reviews

Great Product!

I’m a distance runner and never go out for a long run or race without it.
MarcelSummit Hill, PA

Great for dialysis patients, wish for better packaging

I have suffered from Renal Failure and been on dialysis for 11 years. Controlling liquid intake is of the highest priority with this condition…too much water can lead to very bad consequences. I have tried every trick nephro-dieticians have recommended; sucking ice, eating frozen grapes, avoiding all forms of sodium, but none of these have either quenched my constantly dry mouth or helped me control my liquid intake. I came across quench gum and now swear by the product. It has helped me control my constant thirst and dry mouth which have made my treatments much more effective. I also find them helpful at those moments in grad class when I get a little tired — I pop a quench and they are a great wake up call. It has worked so well for me that I shared a tub with all the patients in my treatment center and a number of them have found the same positive effects and now we all chew quench. All of the above complaints about the packaging are true. Don’t keep them in your pocket long or they’ll meld to the paper. Also pieces tend to get hard to chew, but a small complaint for all the positive it gives me. I have used the sugarless, but I just think the taste is horrid. I love this product.
DominicaGibson, IA

Does The Job – But Too Much Sugar

I have allergies and take meds to keep myself from constant sneezing and itchy-eyes. The antihistamines however, really dry me-up. I work-out daily and even well hydrated I still get terrible dry mouth. Quench gum has the citric acid, the tartness to keep my mouth fresher. The sugar blast along with the tart, is almost too much. I’m very health conscious and one piece is more sugar than I care to pop at the gym between 4-6 times in an hour & half time frame. I’ve not checked for a sugar-free version of Quench gum, or something along those lines. If sugar is not an issue, it works well to hydrate your mouth. CONS: (1) not really a good chew. The gum seems to soften and begin to disintegrate within a twenty mins. or less. This requires you to pop another piece. I like a gum I can really masticate while running on treadmill, and (2), Quench gum can’t be kept very long in a pocket or anywhere it might be too warm and a tight space. It will stick like glue to the wrapper, never to peel off. I have, really, had to pop gum, wrapper and all in mouth while running. Just my spin.
AlbertineFancy Gap, VA

Best workout gum ever!

On long bike rides ,hikes or, sessions in the gym I always use gum to keep my mouth “Clean” and to keep pace. Tried Quench gum and im blown away. This stuff keeps its flavor a long time and keeps your salivary glands flowing. Making it great for not having to stop and get a drink as often I found for boxing its invaluable! It Means less breaks and more stayin in the groove when u workout. Best gum for sport on the market.
CorrieAngie, LA

Quench Gum the best!

Quench gum is the only gum similar to the old gatorade gum. I hope quench gum is here to stay!
LupitaBrasstown, NC


This is what you would expect. a bucket of quemch gum.The only downside is that the flavor does go away quite fast but it does quench your thirst
BerneiceMoccasin, CA