R. W. Garcia Flax Flaxseed Tortilla Chips — 7 oz

Enjoy the smooth, nutty taste of flaxseed in each bite of RW Garcia corn and flaxseed tortilla chips. They’re made with organic, wholesome ingredients, they contain no trans fats or cholesterol, and they’re filled with healthy nutrition including flaxseed that’s rich in Omega-3s, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Quick facts

  • Nutty taste of flaxseed in each bite
  • Made with organic, wholesome ingredients
  • Contain no trans fats or cholesterol

Top reviews

Not Good

I did not like the R,W. Garcia Say & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips. I ended up not eating them and threw them away. I didn’t like the taste nor the texture of them. Would not buy them again.
SpencerChurubusco, NY

Great Flavor

If you’re a chip lover, take heart. There are healthy options out there to soothe your cravings. RW Garcia has a soy flaxseed chip with no trans fats, no gluten, with fiber and omega 3s.

I’ve tried many different chip varieties over the years. Many of them are very cardboardy – they try their best, but they sacrifice a lot of flavor in order to keep the junk stuff out. I’m really pleased that in modern times they seem to have figured out the balance of ingredients to make this work!

First, this chip set is fully organic, including certification. The ingredient list is rather clear. Corn. Soy grits. Flaxseed. Corn oil, sea salt, water, lime. You know exactly what is in here! There’s no wheat, no gluten. No cholesterol.

Ah, but how does it taste? If it’s like cardboard, it doesn’t matter how good it is for you – you’re not going to eat it. Luckily, it is rather good! I am *especially* impressed how it tastes nice and salty, but each serving only has 50mg of salt – i.e only 2% of your daily salt intake!! This is incredibly low for a chip or snack food.

For other stats, there is 13g of carbs, minus the 4g of fiber leaves 9g of net carbs. There are 8g of fat (1g is saturated) and 140 calories. This is for about 7 large chips.

These chips have 6% iron, 2% Vitamin A and 2% calcium. So the serving is not going to give you enough to really worry about skipping your multivitamins, but heck, it’s a nice bonus.

Now, I don’t recommend sitting down and eating your way through an entire bag of these at one sitting 🙂 The whole bag would still give you 90g of carbs, or 1400 calories. That’s not a healthy way to get your energy! But there are many times that you want a snack and want something crunchy. Fiber is of course VERY good for you, too. If you have some healthy salsa, it’s a good way to get some good veggies into you on a chip base that has very little salt, has good ingredients and is tasty.

The only real downside that I see is that I had to order these from a website – I can’t find these in my local stores. Maybe if they start to gain in popularity they’ll become in more locations.

MariselaWhitewater, MT


Taste and texture is good. Not dry or cardboard tasting. A bit denser than major brand tortillas chips, but they have a good corn taste. Because they are denser, they can replace crackers if following a low carb diet. Overall very pleased with this brand of tortilla chips and I will buy them again. Price was as expected.
RupertCourtland, MS

Awesome Chips!!!

I was amazed at how great these chips are. These are a thick hearty tortilla chip with no off flavors or aftertastes. They just taste like any thick corn tortilla should. Only problem we’ve had is that they are addictive because they are very good.
MagenBismarck, ND

I love these!

I am a very picky eater who has had very successful gastric bypass surgery and weight loss and I’m very careful about what I eat. It has to taste great and be nutritious. Now that I’m in maintenance I can have complex carbs that have a healthy high protein/low carb ratio and healthy fats. I keep a bag in my car so if I go to a Mexican restaurant I can have a little bit of salsa and chips.
ErinnSumner, WA

I agree with Lisa, these are terrific! Real food that’s good!

Yum. These are GREAT. Only problem is portion size. 7 is enough at 140 calories. Yet, I only need about that or half that with a bowl of turkey chili to get that crunch. Be sure NOT to eat out of the bag or you’ll do some serious damage to your waistline. They are really that good if you like the wholesome grainy taste and somewhat grainy texture. Excellent with cheese, but again, they are so good that I could eat a bag with nacho cheese… so be warned.
I found them at Trader Joes. You can go online for store locations, or buy them online.
ZenaidaSeven Mile Ford, VA