R.W. Knudsen Recharge Sports Drink, Mixed Berry, 32-Ounce Bottles

The R.W. Knudsen Family® brand has demonstrated a deep dedication to environmental stewardship since first bottling organic grape juice in 1961. We are dedicated to operating and supplying our products nationally, while staying committed to our core

Quick facts

  • 12×32 OZ

Top reviews

great stuff, but not from Amazon

This stuff is the best – it is the only all natural no sugar added electrolyte sports drink I know of. We go through it fast in our house, even though we cut it with water so it is not as sweet. Thought I would save some $ and some time by ordering it by the case from Amazon, but the bottles we got were a month away from the expiration date. So much for keeping it around for a while. We have since found it to be significantly fresher and less expensive at whole foods.
YangHarwood, MD

I LOVE this stuff

As someone who does not consume a lot of sugary products, I really love this item. It’s a much better alternative to gatorade and other sports drinks, and a lot lighter than juice. I don’t use it as a sports drink; I drink water 99% of the time. But I have a potassium deficiency and don’t consume a lot of salts so sometimes have to supplement electrolytes and this drink is the BEST. We also drink it when sick with colds, viruses etc when it’s important to stay hydrated and water is too hard on the stomach. My significant other once got a terrible case of food poisoning and this was the only thing he could keep down for days. It’s expensive at my grocery store ($4+ per bottle) so I order in bulk on amazon and always have it on hand!
LeandraFall River, WI

Taste like cough syrup

I bought 2 cases of this sports drink on sale here at Amazon. The Orange tastes decent but the mixed berry tastes kind of like watered down cough syrup.
CassyBrookshire, TX