R.W. Knudsen Spritzer, Ginger Ale, 10.5-Ounce Cans

We at R.W. Knudsen Family are passionate about creating exciting juices from the highest quality ingredients available. We view juice blending as a combination of art and science. The juice making process is filled with fascinating facts and details. If you have a question about how your favorite R.W. Knudsen Family juice is made, ask us.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty four, 10.5-ounces per can (total of 252 ounces)
  • Made from real fruit
  • Flavored sparkling beverage
  • All natural
  • No sugar added

Top reviews

Real Ginger Flavor

I became addicted to Knudsen’s Tangerine spritzer… until I tried this Ginger Ale spritzer. Now it’s my main drink, besides coffee or tea or water. I happen to love the flavor of fresh ginger. In the winter, I kick a cold using boiling water, fresh ginger, honey & lemon. Mmmmm.

This drink contains 65% juice. Ingredients are: Sparkling filtered water, brewed ginger root, white grape and apple juice concentrates, and ginger extract.

IrenaNeelyville, MO

Ginger taste – not too sweet

For those people out there who love the taste of fresh ginger, this is the carbinated beverage for you. A great alternative to soda – no corn syrup or artificial sweeterners. Made with fruit juice, sparkling water and ginger root. Awesome!
MellissaWalnut Grove, MO

Best ginger ale ever!

Tried this just today at Nature’s Food Patch for $1.39 plus tax. It is flavorful with distinctive ginger taste and is not over-carbonated–just right. Found it here on Amazon a few minutes ago and ordered a case. Good price even paying $3.99 extra for overnight service. Naturally flavored is another plus as I don’t often eat or drink anything with refined sugar and conscientiously avoid high fructose corn syrup in everything.
IvyBridgeport, OH

Love it!

Delicious gingerale without all the sugars and chemicals of commercial brands. A nice balanced flavor. The ginger really helps my stomach.
TimmyMonroe, IA