Rachael Ray

Working with a team of pet food experts, Rachael Ray created a pet food made with simple, natural ingredients. The result. Rachael Ray Nutrish with Real Beef and Brown Rice. Real beef is the number one ingredient, combined with wholesome grains and veggies for a food that tastes great.

Quick facts

  • Natural dog food with added vitamins & minerals
  • U.S. farm-raised beef is the #1 ingredient
  • No beef by-product meal, fillers, wheat or wheat gluten
  • Natural fiber sources from wholesome grains & veggies
  • No artificial flavors or artificial preservatives
  • Real beef is the #1 ingredient
  • No beef by-product meal or fillers
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for dogs

Top reviews

Corn and soy. no no no!!

read the ingredients: Corn Meal, Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal…
why? why? why???
it’s documented: grains cause inflammation, arthritis, diabetes….

Research for yourself what your dogs should REALLY be eating.
look at the ingredients of Stella and Chewy’s products,
or PawNaturaw Products.

We all love our fur babies, and I know Rachel Ray loves hers…
so I was hoping she would have given us a better product.

It’s not too late, Rachel! Re-formulate now!!

TemekaSan Marino, CA

My dog refuses to eat it

Purchased this at a local grocery store because we ran out of regular dog food. Our dog refuses to eat this food. Not really sure why. He would rather starve and drink water than consider eating this food.
DongMillerville, AL


I was hoping that mega-bucks Racael Ray would put out a better dog food then this. Out of the first 10 ingredients, five are terrible and should not be fed to a dog that you love. Chicken Meal,Corn Meal,Soybean Meal,Corn Gluten Meal,Dried Beet Pulp-research these products for yourself, they are the top 5 items that cause allergies and food intolerance in animals among other things-that is 50% of the first ten items.
I expected better from Racael Ray! On the plus side however, her “Just 6” treats is one of BEST products out there, so I know she has the knowledge to make heathy foods for pets, just not willing to part with her money in her dog food line. My dogs LOVE the Just 6 treats and because they are super good for them I do not mind feeding the treats to them.
ShoshanaPuxico, MO

Dog loves it – Helps with allergies too!

We have a picky eater who has allergies. A friend of our clued us in to the fact that dogs with allergies could have problems with grain in dog food. Researched a little on the internet and turns out there’s a lot of merit to that. We selected Rachel Ray’s because it had more meat than most (we just walked Wal-Mart and compared labels till we narrowed it down to two). Our dog goes hungry before eating food she doesn’t like and she gobbles this stuff up. After 9 months we have noticed her allergies are completely cleared up as well. Eye buggars and profuse feet licking (the vet said she’s allergic to grass – really!) So after 6 years, apparently we don’t need the eye drops and the foot spray. Just needed to change up her dog food. Vet didn’t mention that either… amazingly the guy who sells us the medicines – go figure!
LettyUdall, MO

My Dog Loves This

I love the idea that proceeds from the sale of this product goes to rescue animals in need. That reason alone was what made me want to buy this product for my dog.

My dog still eats his Eukanuba puppy food, but I wanted to buy this too, to give as another form of treat. Since I’m still training him and since I love rewarding him, I like to try anything new I see that seems healthy for him.

Maybe when he is an adult I’ll ask the vet if I can switch him to this dog food.

He does love the taste and if Rachel Ray feeds this to her Isaboo, it must be good.

ElenoreBerkeley Heights, NJ

Dog gone GOOD !

Our dachshund dog does not like a lot of dry dog foods.
She loves NUTRISH. This is a good food that has been fed
our dog over 2 years.I’d recommend it to any dog owner.
I’m glad Rachel Ray put her name on this fine product.
I see other reviews and wonder if they work for another
dog food company. Our dog and Rachel can not be wrong ! !
Allen Graves Talent Oregon.
MadaleneRison, AR

All my dogs love it. Not the best but not bad.

I have 6 dogs ranging from a small Pom to Beagle to APBT and they all really like this food. The first time I tried it I put it in their bowels along with some of their old food like your supposed to and they picked out and ate all of this and left the old food there!

I am not saying this is the best but its far far from the worst or even close.

Take some of the “non verified purchased” reviews with a grain of salt as some seem to have no life and go from brand to brand saying the same thing and wanting to push their views on others.

DarlenaFort Washington, PA