Raincoast Crisps, Salty Date & Almond Crackers, 6 Oz, 6 Oz

At Lesley Stowe we have been creating and sharing delicious food from our kitchen for more than 20 years. Our fabulous artisan raincoast crisps are all made with care

Quick facts

  • Raincoast crisps are perfect for entertaining food to draw a crowd
  • Outstanding quality and taste
  • Made in small batches from scratch

Top reviews

Raincoast Crisps – Salty Date and Almond and others

The Salty Date and Almond was the first one I tried and so far like the very best. Crispy and yummy and great dipped in the foam of a cappuccinno or latte first thing in the morning at the local coffee house.

Didn’t care for the combination of Fig and Olive, the second one purchased, and found the Cranberry and Hazelnut not crispy even though, after opening, they were stored in a tight-lid jar.

TheoHarvey, AR

good vendor

I received shipment fast, and packing is excellent. Crackers were packed in one
box, then in another box, goods arrived in perfect condition. I really like to
deal with this vendor, and excellent price as well.
KinaMonmouth, IL

Tastless crackers

I love this line of crackers and all of the other flavors are really delicious and crunchy. I expected more flavor from these “salted date” crackers but they really had very little flavor at all. We were disappointed.
MathildaGranby, VT


Read about these in Whole Living Magazine and thought I’d give them a try. Great crackers. Chewy, sweet, a little salty. Perfect alone or with cheese. Wish I could find them locally so I don’t have to pay the high shipping cost. I would definitely recommend them.
AnnZavalla, TX

Are you serious?

As good as the cranberry. Was very happy with these and people seem to love them.Great hotess gift as well. I think thats 20.
MerilynCanonsburg, PA