Ranch Style Beans Beans with Sliced Jalapeno Peppers 15oz Cans


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Are You Kidding Me?!

You want $34.22 to ship a few cans of beans? What the heck is up with that??
JeannieCambridge, ID

$5.66 for a can of beans..lol .. don’t think so.

I was curiose to see how much it was actualy be to buy from amazon v. the local grocery retailor.. I cannot see how they would ever think of starting this branch of service. Only an idiot would buy such a widely available product for such a massive markup.
JordonMilton, IL

Legitimate Review

These beans are the best – with just the right amount of jalapenos – they are on top so you can easily remove – they have that wonderful unique ranch flavor no other company can claim with a bit of pizazz. Ranch Style beans are chili beans but they are more, the flavor is smooth and robust.
IzolaRaisin, CA