Rapunzel Pure Organic Vegetable Soup Broth, 4.41-Ounce Glass Jars

Vegan – Makes 6.5 Quarts / 71. True to nature. Rapnunzel Vegetable Broth combines great taste with the finest, hand-selected ingredients such as certified organic vegetables, sun-dried sea salt and non-hydrogenated sunflower oil. Unlike others, Rapunzel Vegetable Broth is completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and hydrolyzed vegetable broth is perfect for traditional and contemporary soups, sauces, stews and casseroles. Simply delicious! The True to Nature Way: Rapunzel’s commitment to producing the highest quality organic foods and to preserving a more ecologically sustainable world dates back to 1974. We use only 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables that are grown and purchased through the Hand in Hand fair trade program, which ensures farmers in developing countries are paid based on a fair pricing structure independent from the world market. Rapunzel believes in giving back to the cooperatives that adhere to sustainable farming practices. That’s why we contribute to education, health and environmental programs dedicated to improving the quality of life in local communities. Made in Switzerland.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 4.41-ounce jars (total of 26.46-ounces)
  • Great taste with the finest, hand-selected ingredients
  • Product of Switzerland

Top reviews

tastes good – but a LOT of salt!

I did not realize SALT – not vegetables – was the major ingredient. One serving is 35% of the daily requirement of sodium. Not good.
It tastes pretty good – nicely flavored salt! Other than sodium, it has no nutrients listed.
TarynSouth Bend, IN

Kitchen Staple

This is an excellent all around seasoning product that I use a lot of. My only complaint is that I think the sodium content is a little high, therefore I make sure to use plenty of liquid with whatever I am adding this to so that it’s not too salty. I wish Rapunzel offered this broth product in a jar with lower sodium. I use other Rapunzel products, they are always top-notch.
JeseniaCresco, PA

Great standby

Terrific product. Takes up little room in the cabinet and always handy to turn water into a tasty vegetable broth.
MarceneHarsens Island, MI


This should be a staple in every vegetarian kitchen. It has a wonderful taste for soups, casseroles, & etc… I always have this on hand. The only thing to watch for is the high salt content. If you need a lower salt broth, try the Seitenbacher brand.
AnnabelChapel Hill, TN

Indispensible in the kitchen!

This broth has been a staple in my pantry for about five years now. I use it in soups, stews, pilafs, casseroles, mashed potatoes, curries, sauces and more. Because I use so much of it I was pleased to find that I could get it in quantity and also in powder form, which is easier to deal with than the cubes when using large quantities. I am no longer a strict vegetarian but still eat like one for the most part, and while I can use this to fine effect in dishes containing meat, fish or poultry, it is nice to know that I can easily acommodate my vegan and vegetarian friends with few or no adjustments to my recipes by using this instead of non-veg broths as a seasoning staple. Couldn’t do without it!
LakitaSilverhill, AL

Tastes OK but…

I like the fact that this product is all organic and tastes OK but is very salty. If you use this product, you pretty much can’t add anymore salt to your dish. I prefer the taste of Seitenbacher’s vegetable broth powder over this – it has more flavor and is far less salty. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fine product but if you want more flavor, less salt, go for Seitenbacher (I wrote a more in depth review on that product’s page).
WiltonStrum, WI

good substitute for broth cubes

I bought this because I felt bad every time using broth cubes (I used ones from Rapunzel as well), because of the palm oil. This is powdered, so there is no palm oil, and I use it a lot (mostly when making seitan, rice and other dishes that call for broth)
ValenciaFort Meade, FL

Natural Fresh Taste!

It is second nature for me to check ingredients before purchasing a product. I am pleased overall with the ingredient listing of this product and really like the taste. I am not sure where they get their yeast extract because this term can be a “hidden” form of MSG, but have not had a problem using this product. The corn ingredient is organic, so I am willing to think it not GMO. I was very glad to see they use sea salt. The fact they use sea salt was one of the reasons I bought this product. Rapunzel products are very tasty and, in my opinion, one of the best for making a good soup or broth.

Many people avoid salt thinking it is a good thing. The harmful “salt” to avoid is the product we grew up with, you know, the “salts” in boxes off the grocery store shelf. The body doesn’t recognize or break down the heated, hardened crystals of these unnatural, refined so-called salts. The salts found in nature will quickly dissolve in liquids and are recognized and used by the body. Sea salts, Himalayan salts, etc. also contain minerals and are beneficial and I have used these “real” salts with no problem at all for many years. Do some research on the internet and discover the healing properties of natural salts.

StephanNew London, CT

Love it! Reordered again!!!

Is useful every day in many dishes to get it tasty.
I think is best one in organics, I tryed many and this one is the winner
MigdaliaMonaca, PA

a staple in my house

this broth powder is vegetarian, organic and delicious. it finds its way in to all sorts of things. my favorite use is as a simple seasoning for lightly cooked or steamed vegetables. everyone who has tried it loves it!
TheronFort Payne, AL