The most popular mixer for Teisseire in France is plain water for a flavorful thirst quencher (1 part syrup to 7 times water). Hence the cries in a French cafe for un lait fraise (milk with strawberry syrup), un Perrier menthe ( Perrier with mint syrup), une tomate (pastis and grenadine syrup), une mauresque (pastis and orgeat syrup), un diabolo fraise (lemonade and strawberry syrup), or un tango (beer with grenadine syrup).Fruit syrups have always been a part of the French way of drinking, whether mixed with water, Perrier, lemonade, milk, pastis, or even beer.

Quick facts

  • No preservatives or harmful chemicals
  • Imported from France
  • Try in desserts, as a topping, in tea or coffee
  • Used in France to make natural lemonade, with still or sparkling water
  • Makes a great topping for panna cotta, ice cream pudding

Top reviews

Teisseire Framboise Raspberry Syrup

I was very disappointed with this product. It is mostly sugar syrup with some raspberry flavoring (15%). The raspberry taste is very weak, being overwhelmed by the lemon and other berry flavor. Another brand that I ended up purchasing as a replacement was far better, but I admit it cost a lot more. I wish the ingredients had been viewable before receiving it (at least I couldn’t find a link to see what the ingredients were). Perhaps the bottle that I got was too old, though the date on it says 02/2011.
LindyMadison, NJ

Slightly sweet, but overall good flavor

I really enjoy drinking flavored soda and tonic water. It doesn’t take much of this raspberry syrup to make a nice refreshing drink. A little less sugar and a little more raspberry would be nice, but this product is good for the price.
LaceyKissimmee, FL