Raven’s Brew Whole Bean Organic 3 Peckered Billy Goat, Dark Roast 12-Ounce Bags

Velvety mouthfeel, good body.

Quick facts

  • Long, sweet finish. Dark Roast. Certified organic
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Top reviews

Probably my favorite Raven’s Brew blend

Three-peckered billy goat is bold and flavorful, but not citrusy or tangy. Like the other Raven’s Brew coffees, I find it a bit earthy, which is perfect for me. I make milita(sp?) (pour-over) coffee, but it’s also great using an Aeropress. I can’t tell the difference between the organic and regular versions, but the organic tastes a little stronger. For the price, this is an awesome deal.
LewisIona, MN

Pretty good

We liked this coffee. It came as advertised but not over done in flavors. We liked this much better than Deadman’s Reach-by the same company. It is expensive, but all good coffee is. Then again, good coffee is one of the few indulgences in our home. It lost a star because of the extra cost. if it were a bit cheaper, we would probably put it on the subscribe and save list.
JenniOcean View, NJ

Excellent Coffee

What is there to say about coffee? Either you like it or you dont, for various reasons. I definately like this coffee. Seems Im on a constant hunt for the best tasting brew, and this one is way at the top of the list. Another is the Magnum Jamaican Blue.

I also ordered the “Dead Mans Reach” from Ravens Brew, also excellent tasting coffee, but Id rate this flavor slightly higher, it seems to have an almost floral note mixed with a bold but not at all bitter taste. Perfect to get you going for the day. I use a burr grinder set between medium and fine, with a half cup measure for a full 12 cup drip (Cuisinart DCC-2000 Coffee-on-Demand 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker)

The only negative comment I can make is Im unhappy with the price vs amount in the bag. 10 bucks for 12 ounces in a bag is a bit tough to swallow. (pun intended) I suppose one could argue it costs more to produce in smaller batches. Maybe…. Id not have this everyday for the cost reason alone, rather as a treat maybe two or three times a week, so it lasts longer. Yes, its that good 🙂 I would have given this coffee 5 stars if there were at least 16 oz per bag, so you loose a star for that. I will, without a doubt, buy more, just not very often.

SabrinaOakfield, WI