Rawhide Brand® 4″x2″x1/8″ Natural Rawhide Chips in an Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Package, 16oz

Rawhide Brand® Natural Rawhide Chips for Dogs are made with only the best rawhide and last longer than the average chew. Thicker than most rawhide chews, these chips are sure to give your dog hours of chewing fun and with the new Eco-Friendly packaging you can feel good about being “green” too! The rawhide bag is made from Vexar® netting using Conwed’s® Ecocycle® Technology. Vexar® is completely recyclable, has a reduced lifetime compared to standard plastic netting and is formulated to decompose 10 times faster. Even more amazing is the label printed on PaperRocks® made from real stone! It’s a unique “green sheet” product that’s tree-free, uses 25% less ink than regular paper, contains 80% post-industrial calcium carbonate waste material and is completely recyclable. Now you can feel good about the natural rawhide you give your pet and the environment! All Rawhide Brand® rawhide is locally farmed, produced & packaged in one dedicated plant. Rawhide Brand® rawhide hides go right from local farms (within 35 miles of the plant) to processing and are never salted like other hides shipped for overseas processing. Every Rawhide Brand® product is traced & lot controlled to insure quality. All Rawhide Brand® rawhide is made with grass-fed free-range beef hides. Antibiotic & hormone free. Try them and see the difference in your dog.

Quick facts

  • Made with 100% Premium Rawhide.
  • Rawhide Brand® beef hides are made from grass-fed free-range cattle. Antibiotic & hormone free.
  • Marinated throughout using a patented no-run formula.
  • Eco-Friendly Vexar® Bag with PaperRocks labels. Completely recycleable and biodegradable.
  • Packaged and QC lab tested in the USA

Top reviews

Dog loves them

My dog loves these rawhide chips and they keep her occupied for quite a while. I like that they aren’t all the exact same size and thickness so I can decide which one I want to give my dog.
LilliamNorthbridge, MA