Ray’s Chilli Original Chilli with Beans, 15-Ounce

Ray’s Original Chilli with Beans is a tasty treat that’s ready in minutes. For years, Ray’s Original Chilli with Beans has been in the kitchen cupboards of chili lovers everywhere, now keep it in yours. Ray’s commitment to quality is of utmost importance today. All of Ray’s canned products are inspected and passed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). All of Ray’s spices and seasonings are made with absolutely the freshest and finest ingredients. The recipe that Ray’s follows was found in an old office drawer that was hand-written by Mr. DeFrates himself.

Quick facts

  • Ray’s spices and seasonings make this classic chili
  • Tasty and ready in minutes
  • The freshest and finest ingredients are used
  • Found in kitchen cupboards everywhere
  • Pack of 6 15-ounce cans

Top reviews

Good Chili !

This is one of the best canned chili’s on the market. Hard to find around where I live, glad I found some on Amazon!
AlysiaMorral, OH

Ray’s Chilli

I grew up in the Springfield, Illinois area and Ray’s was the best. I’m glad that Amazion has it now. I did find Ray’s webstie and I will order the Cony Island Hot dog sause from them
HedyEllsworth, IL

Gotta love Amazon

I grew up in the midwest and this was a staple in the house with Ray’s Coney sauce. Really missed it and Amazon made it possible to get those childhood memories back even though where I live now has never heard of the product. Still love it!!!
JohnathanReadlyn, IA