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Me and my RC

A company called Chero-Cola Co. had a line of sodas called Royal Crown in 1905. They reformulated one of their products in 1934 and “Royal Crown Cola” was born. Consumers called it RC Cola for so long the company finally made it official. “ME and MY RC to taste mighty good to me” was a popular commerical in the 1970’s. It is not available everywhere, so some people are lucky to find it this way on Amazon. A very popular cola in the south, I have heard southerners swear by drinking a glass with a few shelled peanuts in the soda, say it tastes great that way. I have also heard that the combination of a Moon-Pie and RC was big in the 1950’s but sounds like too much sugar for me. Either way the 1950’s was their heyday and they spent tons on advertising especially with celebrity sponsors like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

Packaging: It is sold in plastic, glass and cans and like many sodas the glass bottle tastes better but good luck finding it. SMOOTHNESS: It is more smooth than Coca-Cola, but more uppity than Pepsi. CARBONATION: RC has average carbonation, the big two colas are a bit more fizzy. SWEETNESS: It is a little lighter in sweetness than the 2 big colas. COLA Flavor: You can taste the cola pretty well.

In 1954, it was the first brand to be sold in an all aluminum can, the first to offer a low calorie diet cola, and a caffeine free soda. Four years later, they introduced the first 16-ounce bottle.
Dr. Pepper/7Up company owns this now, and they in turn were bought by Cadbury Schweppes a British company in 2000, who seems to be buying up all the soda companies in the country with the exception for the big 2. Check out their web site.
Update: As of June 2, 2007, Cadbury Scweppes is selling off their soda division. Let’s hope someone keeps the regional sodas alive.

GeorginaSanostee, NM