Real Bacon Bits, 4.5-Ounce Pouches

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Quick facts

  • Real Bacon Bits, ideal to add to: salads, mashed potatoes.
  • Anything you wish to add this delicious bacon flavor.
  • Bacon Bits, it’s real bacon!
  • Pack of 6. (4.5 Oz each)

Top reviews

AMAZON purchase

I’ve ordered these before. They are tender and blend well with whatever they’re added too.
I definitely recomend this product.
SadyeLeary, GA

Great to have on hand

These are terrific little pouches of culinary potential. Good shelf life, real bacon flavor, lower in fat & calories than home cooked, and just super-convenient. Toss into mashed potatoes for a kick, sprinkle on baked potatoes, toss into recipes for the richness of bacon flavor without all the frying. I used to buy a pack of bacon, roll up each strip, and freeze so I’d have bacon available for the infrequent times I wanted to cook with bacon. I’m pretty picky about flavors, but this stuff meets my needs 99% of the time. They’re 25 calories/serving (Tablespoon) & 2% of RDA for fat & cholesterol.
TerrieMonmouth, OR