ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice from Concentrate, 0.14-Ounce Single Serve Packages

Realemon Juice Packet — 200 Count 4 Gram Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sodium Benzoate and Sodium Bisulfite as Preservatives, Lemon Oil. View Nutrition Fact

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  • ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice from Concentrate, 0.14-Ounce Single Serve Packages (Pack of 200)

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Not ReaLemon Brand

Received my package today and I was not pleased!! This is not Real Lemon Brand lemon juice!! it was just some generic lemon packets that I have never seen before. Only reason I bought this was because I thought it was going to be “Real Lemon” brand juice.
MelindaDaviston, AL

Order from correct Seller/Vendor to get ReaLemon brand

I ordered & received exactly what I wanted, which was the “ReaLemon” brand lemon juice packets. To ensure you get the right one, you need to order from the correct seller/vendor. That seller is “Great Gifts For You To Give”.

I mention this because some reviews indicate people received a different brand/product then expected. I think this happens because people simply click “add to cart” when ordering the product. Instead of doing that, look for & click on the link that shows other sellers. This will read something like “2 new from $8.49”. There you will find the seller mentioned above. The overall cost is a few dollars more, but if you want the “ReaLemon” brand, I recommend ordering from that vendor.

Note: I did not try ordering from the Amazon default seller, so I do not know for sure what brand you will/would get if you order that way. Hope this review helps.

JodieCushing, TX

ReaLemon Juice is delicious!!!

This Lemon juice is used by one of our local resturants for use in iced tea!! We can’t find in our local grocery stores. MOST of the people here (in South Carolina) love lemon in iced tea. These indivial packages gives the BEST lemon flavor to iced tea. This juice beats a tiny slice of lemon served by most resturants. It is such a wonderful thing to order it on the web since we cannot get it locally. These packages are so handy to carry in your handbag, that way no matter where we eat, we have our wonderful Lemon Juice with us and therefore can enjoy our iced tea, just as if we were dining at home!!!If you have never tried it, you will love it too. For folks who drink water at resturants. add a package of this lemon juice with a package of sugar or sweetner —- instant lemonade~~ Try it you will love it as we do.
LoretteEast Bethany, NY

I love having these little things on hand!

I give this 5 stars, but please realize that it doesn’t taste like fresh lemon juice. I imagine you’ve tried the little lemon juice packets like these before, so you know what you’re getting. That being said, it has really improved my life having these around! I keep them at home, in my purse and at the office. I buy a lot of teas, but had a few that I didn’t drink much because they needed a little something. A hint of lemon was it. Now, when I get an iced tea somewhere, I don’t have to ask first if they have lemon (that over-rated, ubiquitous coffee shop never does). Also, studies have shown that you absorb several times more antioxidants from green tea that has lemon added!
MelaniaPrescott, MI

Item not the same as pictured

The lemon juice packets that arrived are not the same as pictured. They are from a different (inferior?) manufacturer. Note that the item title does not say ReaLemon, even though the product specification does. Also, several of the packets leaked during shipping, creating a sticky mess. I would not buy this item again in the future.
KristaRosamond, IL

Not what was advertiesed.

Like some of the other reviews this is not the same product advertised or pictured. The packaging reads “Lemon Juice Serv-A-Lemon”. I also see there some packages looked to have leaked and are stuck together.

Disappointing that as it seems that Amazon isn’t monitoring quality of the products they ship.

EarlWillow River, MN


I ordered this item and received a different brand. I called Amazon and they sent a replacement order (they would not accept a return of this item). I received yet another box of a different brand… I kept the 2nd box and am using it. I just wanted to let you all know to LISTEN TO THE REVIEWERS POSTED HERE… IT IS NOT ReaLemon brand. But if that doesn’t matter to you, then yeah, it’s a good item. I rather have these packets of lemon juice in my desk than leaving a larger bottle in the fridge at work where people ignore your personal message and use your stuff without your permission…
GeraldTruro, MA

No sour review here

When making my selection for this lemon juice I wanted a superior name brand product. The photo of the 0.14 ounce single serve had a name brand of “Realemon”, the product shipped was Lemon juice Serve-a-lemon.I wished the product photo matched the description.
YaniraValentines, VA

Makes drinking water less of a bore, without having to add artificial sugars/ additives

I just bought this product for the office to help me increase my water intake, since I don’t enjoy drinking plain water unless I am really thirsty. Tastes natural, convenient, share-able, and doesn’t expire quickly like the large containers of lemon juice.
LauretteBelleville, NJ

Misrepresented product with wrong picture

I’m very upset with my order. I was misled by the image of a ReaLemon packet. I didn’t read carefully when I purchased this so I thought I was getting ReaLemon packets, NOT Serve-A-Lemon. I have no idea if these packets are gluten free. I prefer to only use ReaLemon. And of course I cannot return it. So I just wasted my money. The image for this item needs to be changed so that other people aren’t mislead.
OzellWilcox, PA

Product Picture is Deceptive

As expressed by previous reviews, I was also misled by the product picture showing a ReaLemon packet. I received the brand name “Serve-A-Lemon”.
The product brand is correctly identified in the title (Serve-A-Lemon) but the picture reflects a ReaLemon product. I imagine reviews would not be complaints if the received product was not a cheaper and lower quality brand. Amazon should fix this issue because it is deceptive. Other customers have expressed their dissatisfaction in their reviews. Come on Amazon!!! Maybe this is why your sales figures are not to your expectations (Wall Street Journal, 08 August 2012).
TieraSturgis, SD

Juice everywhere, not just in the packets

I received my packets of off-brand lemon juice today, and immediately upon opening I thought it was strange the packets seemed to be sticking to each other. Then I noticed a brown speckled pattern on the sticky ones. Yep, lemon juice everywhere. Now I have 200 packets that I need to individually wash to get the sticky off of so I can carry them around.

It would not be so bad if the pictures and description of this product were not an all out falsification. Please look at other reviews for more mention of this. The fact that the packaging of the actual product is so inferior that they can’t maintain their seal in a box with plenty of breathing room shows how cheaply this stuff is produced. I cannot recommend this product. I wish I could because this is the only prime eligible packeted lemon juice on Amazon as I write this, and none of my local stores carry this.

If you don’t mind giving your product a bath upon arrival, and are fine with lemon juice that isn’t RealLemon, then I’m sure you will be happy with this product, otherwise look elsewhere.

BernardineDauphin, PA

Item pictured does not match product or description

Based on the photo, I expected ReaLemon brand juice, but received Serv-A-Lemon brand, which I now see is the description of the product. That said, the lemon juice packets taste just fine and were received in good condition with no leaking packets. I would recommend that the photo be changed to reflect the actual product sold, though, since I made my purchase decision based on the name brand pictured, not price.
OnitaHayfork, CA

Satisfied customer

Really like these little packets of lemon juice…have given up sodas and only drink lemon water so these packets go every where with me. Will have to order more in the near future.
RosioSalol, MN

Lemon juice packs

I use a lot of lemon and it’s so easy to store and use without having to wash, cut and worry about removing seeds from whole lemons. I think it’s a great product.
EfrainAshland, WI

Leaky Packets

Some of the packets leaked, so many of them stick together. An ugly brown film forms as the leaked juice dries. They need more secure packaging.
MaryamSallisaw, OK


this is NOT ReaLemon brand. this is a generic product from Portion Pac Inc of Mason,OH. PPI does not sell RealLemon brand at all (PPI seems to be affiliated with H. J. Heinz)
DarrenAlbers, IL

Everyone at work Loves it!

I ordered it for the office to put in the tea and people absolutely LOVE it! I will definintely be ordering this again.
SindyUnion Center, WI

Go to Amazon for fresh lemon taste

Any business that sells ice tea should be required by law to provide lemon. Now I have my very own that I carry in my purse and it as is good as any fresh lemon you could squeeze yourself.
RenaePlainview, TX

love it

Love the ease of the packets and so far Amazon is the only place I have found them for home use. I Use them in ice tea, hot tea, and even just make lemon water with it.
LaticiaBangs, TX

Not ReaLemon-Just no-name packets

This product isn’t bad but it isn’t what is pictured and it isn’t from ReaLemon. I bought a couple of cases and quite surprised that this was no-brand. I was planning on giving this to customer’s as an added benefit, now it would just make me look cheap. Combine that with the fact the packaging was poor and I wasn’t impressed at all. I will use it personally, but not what I ordered. The lemon juice is ok though, nothing wrong with that.
JudeSeaside Park, NJ

Great deal!

I have purchased this lemon juice twice now and it is so convenient and saves money over fresh lemons which are around $1 each here in ND. No mess, no waste and just the right amount of juice for my iced tea.
EdithSpicewood, TX

Great lemon juice

I have used this product in restaurants and would like to have it at home and when I travel. It is the best!
BentonArthur, IL