ReaLime 100% Lime Juice, 2.5 fl oz bottles

ReaLime is 100% real lime juice made from concentrate, and it’s an authentic, hassle-free alternative to fresh lime juice. ReaLime’s distinctive fruit-shaped 2.5 fl. oz bottle is a space-saving kitchen sidekick, ideal for adding a fresh zip of lime to your favorite seafood and poultry recipes, plus it’s great in meat marinades and it adds a bright splash of flavor to salads and dressings. Since 1934, ReaLime has been a trusted brand to deliver quality lime juice.

Quick facts

  • Twenty-four 2.5 fluid ounce bottles
  • 100% lime juice from concentrate
  • Great for use in recipes, meat marinades, and salads
  • Natural Strength
  • Great alternative to fresh limes

Top reviews

Not So Real

When I traveled to Boston late last summer, the ex and I planned to serve margaritas as a prelude to several dinners for family and friends. We bought the tequila and the triple sec, and I brought along a large bag of coarse sea salt. For the limes, I suggested that she buy two 16-ounce bottles of Realime, rather than us doing all that washing, cutting, and juicing of dozens of the real things.

That was a major mistake. On the first night, the cocktails were bitter and insipid. We raced out the next day to buy some real limes for the other dinners.

This product is probably fine if a recipe calls for a quarter teaspoon of lime juice, or if you want a splash of lime on your broiled or pan-fried fish. But don’t use it when lime juice is a principal ingredient. Bite the bullet and juice the real thing.

NatashiaMozier, IL