RealSalt Coarse Grind Salt, 16-Ounce Pouches

Natural sea salt mined from ancient sea bed. Contains 50+ trace minerals, including iodine. American Culinary Institute – 2004 Best Taste Award – Gourmet. Great for saltmills! Millions of years ago, the salt in this pouch was part of a Pristine Sea: Long before the earth knew pollutants of any kind, a huge, ancient sea covered what is now called North America. Pure, natural salt was the main ingredient of this sea, and over millions of years, the water in the sea evaporated, leaving the salt in undisturbed deposits. At some point during the earth’s Jurassic era, a range of volcanos erupted around the ancient sea bed, sealing the salt with layers of thick volcano ash, protecting these precious deposits against the pollution that man would eventually introduce into the environment. Near the small town of Redmond, in south central Utah, we carefully extract this salt from deep within the earth, and bring it to you in it’s pure, natural state without additives, chemicals, or heat processing of any kind. RealSalt’s unique pinkish appearance and flecks of color come from more than 50 natural trace minerals essential to human health. Is Your Salt Real? All natural mineral sea salt; 50+ Trace minerals; No bleaching/No heating; No anti-caking agents; No dextrose; Mined from ancient sea bed; Protected from modern day ocean pollutants; Kosher certified; Award winning taste; No bitter aftertaste. Trace Mineral (Avg. %): Sodium Chloride (98.32%); Calcium (0.40%); Potassium (0.12%); Sulphur (0.11%); Magnesium (0.10%); Iron (0.06%); Phosphorus (0.05%); Iodine (0.002%); Manganese (0.0015%); Copper (0.001%); Zinc (0.0006%). RealSalt also contains numerous other trace minerals in minute quantities.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 16-ounce bags of all-natural, coarse-ground sea salt (96 total ounces)
  • Made from pure coarse-ground sea salt with over 50 trace minerals
  • Certified Kosher; contains trace amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium
  • A uniquely nutritious sea salt long preserved from pollutants
  • Mined from an ancient seabed in Redmond, Utah

Top reviews

The best tasting, best looking salt for a salt grinder

I’ve tried many types and brands of salt for use in a salt grinder. This one, hands down, is the best. It has an attractive scattering of reddish granules intermixed, presumably because of the many trace minerals in the salt. I believe the taste is significantly better than any other salt I’ve tried, whether mined or evaporated (perhaps because of the trace minerals). The salt granules seem to be harder than other brands, so a good grinder will be required (I use two styles of grinders from Wm. Bounds). There is also a Kosher grind and a fine grind available, but I don’t have experience with them.
JoslynCooperstown, NY