Red Borsch Instant Soup Product of Poland Winiary 170g

Popular traditional soup imported from Poland. Store in a cool and dry place.

Quick facts

  • Instant Barszcz Czerwony.
  • Product of Poland.
  • 170 grams.

Top reviews

Flavorless, dull, soapy… disgusting taste!

Have you ever tried the real BORSCHT?, native to Poland, Check Republic, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Israel? If you haven’t – plz, do NOT buy this product! `Cause it actually kills the good name of the most popular soup in W&E Europe! One more thing, I have to add – the package reads not a word! in English! WTH!!! I mean, seriously, WHY? They sell this product in the US, don’t they, right?! Is it too much to ask to translate the label into English!!! Stay away!
KimberlySinsinawa, WI