Red Feather Real Canned Butter

Emergency Food, Red Feather Real Canned Butter NEW – 6 cans. If you have been looking to add REAL butter, not powdered or freeze-dried, to your long-term food storage program, then look no further! Canned butter imported from New Zealand that actually tastes better than any gourmet butter we had ever tried – and with an indefinite shelf life; no refrigeration is necessary!! GREAT FOR CAMPING! PERFECT FOR THE BOAT OR RV! — Bega Real Canned Cheddar Cheese (6 cans) is manufactured in Australia since 1899, and they have found a way to put great tasting, real cheddar cheese in a can. This product has a natural cream color, medium cheddar flavor and pleasing texture. It’s easy to cut, grate and slice and it’s delicious. There’s no expiration date on this cheese and stays good for an incredibly long time – 15+ years. 6 Cans REAL Bega CHEESE PERFECT FOR THE BOAT OR RV!

Quick facts

  • COMBO SAMPLER (6 cans each) Sweet creamy real butter with a pure, fresh taste; real cheddar cheese
  • Lasts up to 15 years
  • Perfect for food storage
  • Imported from New Zealand
  • High-quality gourmet brands

Top reviews

Dented Cans

I bought these for my food stash in case of crisis so I can’t rate how they taste. The shelf life was attractive and butter & cheese are harder to preserve so this was the alternative. The problem was that 3 of the 12 cans were dented…so they were shipped that way or poor packaging was involved. We all know dented cans are what we avoid at the grocery store…
ClaudetteTecate, CA