Red Rain Energy Shot, Berry Flavor, 2-Ounce Bottles

When you are feeling run down, lethargic, or just can’t seem to concentrate, bring on the Rain! Red Rain Energy Shots! With Red Rain’s combination of B-Vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes you can regain your competitive edge, re-focus on that important task at work, or re-energize for your time with the kids. Red Rain’s zero calorie energy solution gives you all the benefits of increased energy NOW without the crash later. Red Rain Energy Shots provide you with a great tasting, energizing drink, at a price that won’t give you the jitters. So whether you have a busy work day ahead, a day at the beach scheduled with the kids, or are going out on the town for the night, pick up a bottle of Red Rain Energy Shots to give you that burst of energy NOW, without bursting your wallet. Red Rain Energy Shots – Small Bottle – Big Results – At A Great Value!

Quick facts

  • A pack of twelve, 2-Ounce (total of 24-Ounces)
  • Re-energize for your time with the kids
  • Zero calorie energy solution gives all the benefits of increased energy

Top reviews

After taste and more caffeine than cup of coffee

Have we become so lazy we need an expensive 2 oz container to give us the healthy energy we can get for much less money, via eating healthy fruits, vegetables and buying a bottle of B Complex vitamins? As Dr Oz and other medical professionals note, if the label has something on it you cannot pronounce don’t buy it.

Bear in mind the 2 oz container has 160 mg of caffeine, compared to 1 cup of brewed coffee which has 80-135 mg. Or an Espresso cup which has 100 mg. And coffee is meant to be drunk and enjoyed slower. I just don’t think the 160 in on shot is healthy.

As for taste, the berry flavour was akin to some cherry Kool Aid loaded with sugar, with an after taste. Yuck! And the stuff can make you hyper if you are not a caffeine drinker of any kind be it coffee or soda drinks.

DillonWest Glover, VT

Good delivery

Product arrived promptly and provided me with a needed energy boost. Thanks to Amazon Prime for making this product available.
RanaHailesboro, NY

A delicious alternative to 5 hour energy

It doesnt seem to last quite as long as 5 hour energy, but it goes down easy and tastes great.

These are perfect to keep in your gym bag to give you that little extra oomph you need to get to the gym and put in a killer work out.

Highly recomended. And a great price if you get them here as opposed to the grocery store.

KarlaTuscarora, MD

No Extra Energy A Tad More Focus

I got this for my husband to try out because he works all sorts of terrible hours. He will close one night to have to open the next morning & then close the next night. He is always looking for things to help him through these types of shifts.

His opinion:
2 stars
Taste: not very good (he got the berry flavor)
Extra energy: none
Mental clarity: a little more focused than usual
Ingredients: poor.

I am going to give you the ingredients since I didn’t see them on the page when I opted to try this (if they are now listing this info I apologize for adding useless info). By the way, had I known the ingredients I would not have bothered with this product.
Total Carbs 2g
Niacin (as Niacinamide) 10mg 50% of your daily value
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI) 20mg 100% of your daily value
Folic Acid 200mcg 50% of your daily value
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocolbalamin) 250mcg 4166% of your daily value (NO that is NOT a typo four thousand sixty sixy percent of your daily value!)
Sodium 5mg
Energy Blend 1600mg (Taurine, Malic Acid, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, Choline Chloride, N-Acetly L-Tyrosine)
Other Ingredients: water, potassium citrate, natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, potassium benzoate & potassium sorbate (preservatives), caramel color, yellow 5.
It also features a CAUTION: Contains caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee. Limit caffeine products to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness, and occasional rapid heartbeat. You may experience a Niacin Rush (hot feeling, skin redness) that lasts a few minutes. This is caused by increased blood flow near the skin. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing, or under 12 years of age.

That’s a lot of stuff hu? Anyway, our favorite for energy so far is the Spot On Energy Patch. They are really convenient & easy to use. You stick in on & that’s it. You can get them on Amazon & there are other B patches available that we haven’t tried yet. The link for Spot On is here: They even have it with the subscribe & save to make it cheaper which is very cool.

NenaAnton, CO

Nothing very noticable

Because the description doesn’t include the ingredients, I’ll start by posting those:

Amt per serving / % Daily Value
Total carbohydrates 2g / 1%
Niacin 10mg / 50%
Vitamin B6 20mg / 1000%
Folic acid 200mcg / 50%
Vitamin B12 250mcg / 4166%
Sodium 5mg / <1%
Energy blend 1600mg / NA
(taurine, malic acid, glucuronolactone, caffeine, choline chloride, n-acetyl l-tyrosine

Other ingredients: Water, potassium citrate, natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, potassium benzoate & potassium sorbate (preservatives), caramel color, yellow 5

Unfortunately, the bottle doesn’t give the number of calories, or I’d list those.

The taste of this product is tolerable. It’s strangely sweet, yet also tart. The taste isn’t terrible, but definitely not something I’d drink to enjoy. It has a slightly medicinal flavor. There isn’t that much liquid in a bottle (2 oz), so, if you hated the taste, it wouldn’t be too hard to get it down.

Having said that, I really didn’t feel a huge boost – definitely nothing more than a cup of coffee, which is less expensive and more enjoyable.

It didn’t make me jittery or cause stomach upset or have any other negative effects. It just didn’t seem to do much to improve my energy.

KaylaRidgefield, WA

Red Rain Energy Shot

I don’t normally buy energy drinks (I never liked the taste, caffeine, or the way they settle on my stomach.) but I had the opportunity to sample this product and thought it was certainly worth giving it a try. The Red Rain berry flavor is delicious. Yet, 2 ounces is not more than a couple of swallows. It did not leave any after-taste at all. However, I’m sure most people wouldn’t buy this product just because they think it tastes good. The taste is secondary to the desired results of an energy boost.
I sampled one bottle and I can say that I did not feel any boost of energy at all. On the bright side, I didn’t get the jitters either like most caffeine/B vitamin energy drinks.
So, ultimately, as it is currently priced, I would be much better off buying a Coke and taking a B vitamin. I’d save about ten dollars.
MaxwellIndustry, TX

Not impressed

I tried the Red Rain Energy Shot (Berry Flavored) at work as I was looking for a pickup one morning when I had not gotten much sleep. Having never tried any of the little energy shots, I was unsure what to expect beyond assuming that I would become more alert. However I experienced – NOTHING – not even the shakes or a feeling wound up or jittery (the typical side effects that you hear about when you drink too much caffeine or sugar. Well that isn’t totally right, I did get to experience the completely awful tast of the Red Rain Shot which was akin to drinking really sour cherry caugh syrup mixed with carbonated water mixed with a wonderful after taste that lasts for awhile. Obviously these drinks aren’t marketed for their taste, but geez it wouldn’t hurt if they could be a touch above disgusting.

So to wrap up, I felt no noticeable affects of the drink other than a bad taste in my mouth. Yep – that’s worth the money…

TheolaHawthorne, NY

Even The Overly Caffeinated Can Notice A Difference!

I was needing to accomplish some much needed catch up in order to prepare for month end. I sat down at my desk to do some input with a Red Rain Energy Shot at hand (instead of my normal afternoon cup of joe) and broke the seal, twisted the cap and finished it in one gulp.

As far as energy drinks go, I found Red Rain (Berry Flavor)to be amazingly better tasting than any other tried to date. Sweet and lip smacking good, it had none of the bitter aftertaste I have immediately experienced with other brands.

In the energy burst department, I discerned no noticeable buzz. However, after hunkering down and keying away for about ten minutes, I realized that I felt more alert and it seemed I was plowing through the data a bit more quickly. Two hours later I was completely finished and proofing my entries. No errors!

If you brew your own with a French Press every morning, or regularly line up for a Vente sized caffeine fix, you might not notice much of an energy burst from a Red Rain Energy Shot, but I think you will notice better focus and attention to detail as I did.

Maybe it’s Red Rain’s combination of B-Vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes that make the difference as compared to just drinking coffee. Maybe it’s all in my mind. Either way, I feel as if I worked smarter and faster with the help of Red Rain and intend on keeping a few of these puppies in my desk drawer for crunch times.

MurrayLas Cruces, NM

Works great

I think this taste much better than the other energy drinks I’ve tried – MUCH better. I had a lot of housework to do and I was tired, so I drank one and it’s been a big help. I’ve had really steady energy all day to get things done without any nervousness or side effects.
HollisBrazil, IN

Work good for a great price

I’ve used a few different types of energy shots and I would say these work just as well. Plus you can’t beat the price of these compared to paying 3 to 4 times as much at a convenient store. A co-worker and I compared these to 5hour energy shots and noticed these regular Red Rain shots are about half the strength. The Extra Strength Red Rain shots are about the same ingredient levels as the regular 5hour shot, FYI.

Overall I feel these work good, no jitters and I tend to have more focus at work than if I didn’t have one. I’m not sure why people complain about the taste, it’s not that bad. Just down it and quit crying already. One other thing I have noticed after using these though is that I tend to be more thirsty than usual so I find myself drinking more water, which is probably a good thing anyway.

EmeldaSaint Anthony, ND

A bit of a kick in the pants

I see a lot of this type of energy drink on infomercials and truthfully have never been tempted to buy them because I think they are generally overpriced. I also wondered if they were any better than my beloved cup (or three) of coffee each morning. I have to say this stuff packs a punch in its tiny 2 ounces, probably more than in a 12 or even possibly 16 ounce cup of coffee. It doesn’t give me that “comfort food” feeling like coffee does, but on the positive side you wouldn’t have to drink as much if your goal was just a wake up call.

Also, this berry flavor was quite good. Frankly, it tasted strong even going down (before it had a chance to act on my system). I actually liked it quite a lot. But I admit I don’t think anyone should pay a dollar per 2 ounce container. It’s simply overpriced unless the ONLY reason you drink it is to wake up and not for length of refreshment or the comfort of a warm caffeinated drink. I think I’ll be sticking to coffee.

TommyWhite Lake, WI

I didn’t notice any difference in my energy

The Red Rain Zero Calorie Energy Drink is a tiny, 2oz dose of pure energy. It contains caffeine and several vitamins and claims to give you a great energy boost without the sugar crash. With its tiny serving size and pleasing taste, it is easy to gulp down in one swallow. The price is right and very favorable when compared to the 5-Hour Energy Drink. Does it work? Well, I guess. I’m not a regular user of this type of product, so its hard to compare it to others. I did feel a little more pep after taking it. If you are considering it, then buy it because it tastes good and is a good value, but read other reviews to see if it works.
TreasaWest Point, KY

Lots of B vitamins but too sugary a taste.

This drink was really sweet, overly so, to the point of tasting like straight sucralose. I had the berry flavor, would prefer a different flavor next time. I noticed no increase of energy, I still wanted an afternoon nap. But the upside is it’s loaded with B vitamins and folic acid so if that’s your vitamin deficiency then this drink is for you. They’re about a dollar each so the price is reasonable, especially compared to Monster or 5 Hour Energy. It’s a small 2oz. size. I would probably get a lemon flavor next time and actually pour into my iced tea. The jury is still out on this product but it is safe, there’s no ginseng or other harmful stimulants in it.
WhitneyHemphill, TX

Tastes sweet but good

It was too hard to tell if this gave me energy from just one, but I can tell you that it tastes pretty good and is sweet. Lots of B vitamins in this drink too, which is great.
CasieFitzwilliam, NH

Eh… not bad, not good, just “meh”.

Sweet and simple.

Ingredients wise, it’s a 4. Fairly simple with only one “what the heck is that” ingredient. No corn syrup in it (I have an allergy to corn) so I was glad to see this product not have it.

Taste, it’s a 2. Less than desirable with a somewhat lackluster generic berry taste. Would rather have something that tasted more strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry. A mixed berry is hard to pull off and they sure in heck didn’t. And personally I found it too be WAY too sweet and could have used much less sucralose than what they used. It also kinda burned my throat because of how sweet it was.

In terms of energy, 1. No energy boost whatsoever. Found myself dragging all day.

I guess the only good thing that came out of it is the fact that you get all of your B vitamins.

I’ll be sticking with my Guru Lite energy drinks.

MarianneRollins, MT

Comparatively, not bad…

There are a lot of energy drinks, shots, bars, etc. out there, and this isn’t the worst. It didn’t leave me feeling like I’d crashed a few hours after drinking/taking it, but it also didn’t exactly turn me into a tiger, full of energy. The taste is vaguely berry-like, albeit not like any berry found in nature. If I was looking for energy shots, I might try this again; I’ve had better luck with a 10-minute walk and/or a cup of coffee or tea (even decaf) followed by a tall glass of water.
MichaPewamo, MI

Good taste, decent energy

Pretty good product. It’s a small bottle that tasted good, even not chilled. The energy kick is a bit less than a small cup of Starbucks coffee, for me at least. But there is no jitter either. If you are a caffeine addict, you may need more than one shot. At $1/bottle it’s a good deal as well.
ZandraAnita, IA

My kids say it worked!

My daughter tried one of these before school & gym class. She said the taste was fairly bitter but she gave a thumbs up to the energy boost. She said her coach even noticed her extra energy.
HilariaLynch, KY

Red Rain Energy Shot

Please pay close attention to the fact that these are only 2 ounces. That is very tiny – one gulp and you are done. The flavor is OK. The product description claims that “When you are feeling run down, lethargic, or just can’t seem to concentrate, bring on the Rain! Red Rain Energy Shots!” I would argue that this is a bit of an over-statement. My guess is that the placebo effect of drinking a mysterious liquid from a tiny red bottle is more invigorating than the actual effect of the ingredients on your system.
KathrineMontgomery, NY

The Red Rain Energy Shot tasted good but the drink did not give me a shot of energy.

First off, let me say that the Red Rain Energy Shot, Berry Flavor is the first energy drink I have ever tasted that tasted good. Unlike most energy drinks the berry flavor masks the acrid taste of the all the other ingredients that energy drink makers put in their drinks to give you that burst of energy you need to make it through your day. The only problem I had with this drink is that it did not give me the increase in energy that I was hoping for. I drank the whole (smallish) bottle in the early afternoon, the time of day I have the most problems staying awake, and it just did not wake me up, indeed, an hour later I had to fall back on my old stand by, coffee. I would have liked to give this energy drink a positive review, it really does taste good, but the Red Rain Energy Shot just did not do what it is designed to do, at least for me anyway.
LashundaPantego, NC

Works OK…probably

My only previous experience with energy drinks was as an observer of someone who used them regularly, and what I saw there didn’t make me want to rush in. When I had the chance to try this Red Rain Energy Shot, I thought, why not? but I moved it from shelf to shelf for a while before drinking it down in the middle of a challenging afternoon at work. The taste was fine though with a bit of an aftertaste; you really don’t choose these products for their yummy-ness, do you?

That one experience didn’t give me a high level of expertise, but I can say that I got through the afternoon, didn’t have any bad effects like jitters or crashing, sort of forgot that I’d even taken it, and then decided maybe it was effective and unobtrusive–a good combination. I’d consider using it again, as one of several ways to get an energy boost. I do question the ingredients, though. I’d want to do some research on what all these ingredients are, and what they do, before relying on this product or any other like it. (And yet….I’d have a cup of coffee or some peanut M&Ms without hesitation for an energy boost: go figure…)

Probably not my energy-booster of choice, in other words. But nice to know it’s out there and that it probably does no harm.

Linda Bulger, 2011

ShuGoodwin, AR

Excellent Choice for an Energy Drink

I’ve always been into vitamins and natural health, but haven’t jumped on the energy drink bandwagon, even though my dad swears by them. As a naturally high energy person (helped even more by coffee), I figured I might as well give Red Rain Energy Shots a try.

It tasted great, with a nice tarty berry flavor, but had some aftertaste. It also worked well. I’m not surprised. Pardon the pun, but it’s a perfect storm for energy creation. The ingredient list includes various B-vitamins (especially B-12), Taurine, Tyrosine, etc. These B vitamins and amino acids have been shown to increase alertness, which in my experience, is a different beast than physical energy. The energy component from Red Rain comes from the caffeine. The bottle even says it has the same caffeine as a cup of coffee. Also, the drink is basically calorie free (sweetened with sucralose aka Splenda), a plus since many energy drinks are loaded with calories.

I liked this product a lot, but I’m not quite an energy drink convert yet. At the cost of a dollar a bottle, Red Rain is very reasonable by energy drink standards. However, a cup of coffee (brewed at home) costs a few cents and various B supplements bought at an online health food store will set you back a quarter a day at most. But, if your daily Starbucks habit has gotten in the double digits or you just want a quick, easy boost, then Red Rain Energy Shots are ideal.

Overall, I liked this product. It tasted great, gave me both energy and mental alertness, and for energy drinks, was priced reasonably. I still prefer my morning coffee and my supplement pills, but if I wanted an energy drink, I’d pick this one.

KrystaWatkins, MN

Great taste, great price, but not too much boost

I thought the product tasted good. It was kind of sour, which I like. I could not read the label because the packers put stickers all over it, so I do not know if it contains caffeine. If it doesn’t, it needs some. If it does, it needs some more. I didn’t really feel an energy boost. I do however take a lot of vitamins, which include a lot of B. So my vitamin intake might already be giving me all the energy I can get from B vitamins.

This may be a great product for someone who does not take vitamins. The taste is really good and so is the price.

All in all, I would say they are worth a try.

JoanieAroda, VA

Good stuff, better deal than 5-hour energy

The cost for 12 of these is about the same as for four 5-Hour Energy drinks, and 2 of these is the same or more effect than 5HE, so I say Go Red Rain! 🙂
ChaseValhermoso Springs, AL

Morning eye-opener

First I feel compelled to comment that I only drank two ounces of this product on a one-time basis (which was the sample size) so I cannot speak to any long-term negative effects that it might induce. One would speculate that they *might* not be positive as is true with most short-term, highly-fortified energy boosters. There’s really no substitute for a good diet and daily exercise. I did show it to my brother’s physician (my brother has heart trouble) and after reading the back label of ingredients he said to never give any of the product to him for an energy boost.

I tested the product when I first woke up in the morning. I didn’t drink any coffee prior to drinking it so I could accurately determine its uninfluenced effects on me. It tasted good, (wakes up your taste buds!), it goes down easy, and seemed to work in bringing me to life. I’m 57 and I don’t exercise so I always require some artificial energy stimulation, usually caffeine in tea or coffee.

Anyway, the overall effect did surprise me because I always viewed claims about these over-the-counter elixirs to be so much snake oil. I fell no negative effects at any point such as indigestion or the jitters. On the other hand, other than a nice change of flavor, I’ll stick to my single cup of coffee in the morning which has pretty much the same effect and is notably cheaper. This product might be convenient for busy people to carry in a pocket (I’m retired and travel little) for when they require an energy boost.

Some of the ingredients might tend to fool the average consumer a bit. The B-12 vitamin component, in particular, is listed at about 4,000+ percent of the daily required intake — but B-12 is so very poorly absorbed into your system when taken orally that I’d be surprised if this dose actually infuses the minimum RDA. So don’t be overimpressed with the back label.

AletaBessie, OK

Better and cheaper than 5-Hour Energy

I’m not an “energy-shot” kind of person generally. You won’t find me rappelling down mountainsides, kayaking over rapids, or hang-gliding over Death Valley. I have an office job, and my stimulant of choice is coffee or tea.


There are times when I really need heightened concentration and I’m already exhausted. I can’t just drink coffee indefinitely, because it makes me irritable and makes my heart race if I overindulge. That’s when I use energy shots. I’ve been in the habit of using 5-hour Energy. But 5-hour Energy is… well, how shall I say this… yucky. I’ve tried every flavor, and they all taste metallic and leave an aftertaste reminiscent of boiled-down Diet Dr Pepper.

Thankfully, Red Rain has the exact same effect on me as 5-hour Energy (the regular strength, not the extra strength), but tastes far better. What is the effect, you ask? For me, it’s a very gentle lift. It’s not so much a caffeine jolt as an improved ability to focus on creative or technically-demanding tasks. And it’s a lot cheaper than 5-Hour Energy, too, even if you get your 5-Hour Energy at a warehouse store.

If you’re looking for a kick in the pants that helps you party all night long, I can’t recommend Red Rain. If you’re looking for a subtle pick-me-up that will help you get through the tasks at hand, this could be the one.

Now, if only the name of it didn’t constantly make me think of the Peter Gabriel song….

KasiSmokerun, PA

About the same as other brands

The Red Rain energy shot (berry) seemed to work the same for me as another brand I’ve tried (5hour energy). Neither gave me extreme amounts of energy, but I’ve heard other people say they really help them a lot. I have found it beneficial when I need to travel in the car for a few hours or am having trouble making it through the afternoon at work.

I think the taste is extremely strong, just as it is in other brands. It is a small size, but I still have trouble getting it down. I have a strong gag reflex, so it might not bother other people. It is just a super strong, candy-like taste — similar to other brands.

All in all, I would probably choose Red Rain Energy over 5hour Energy because it affected me similarly but costs much less.

JacquelynMelville, LA

Very Sweet, Good Flavor, Mediocre Energy

This zero-calorie energy shot is a cloyingly sweet berry flavor with heavy overtones of artificial sweetener. For an energy shot, the flavor isn’t really too terrible, and I didn’t mind it very much. Other than the artificial sweetener taste, it actually was quite good. The rub is the energy kick it’s supposed to give–which I didn’t notice at all. I was extremely tired at the time I tested this product out and could probably have taken a nap an hour or so later (though I didn’t). I’m a regular coffee drinker and routinely drink espresso, so perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice a strong effect from the caffeine content, which is apparently quite high. Unfortunately, since I only received one bottle of this energy shot through the Amazon Vine program, I wasn’t able to try another at a different time to test its efficacy. This is by no means a comment on the Vine program, but a disclaimer that I don’t feel I was able to fully test this product to my liking.
EvanCee Vee, TX

No unpleasant buzz, but not as much boost as I like.

I use these small 2-oz energy drinks several times a week, and have bought them from various sources. I’ve paid anywhere from .88 cents to $2.98 for them, depending on where and when I buy them (Lately, my local dollar store is carrying them!). Over the years I’ve found the taste varies from brand to brand, and so does the energy level. Some brands give more of a “buzz” than others (which I don’t care for), while others give a nice, steady boost during the day.

Upon opening the package, I noticed two things about Red Rain right away, one good, one not so good.

Good: The label was VERY easy to read! On most of these 2-oz energy drinks one needs a magnifying glass or maybe a microscope to see what’s in the bottle. Red Rain makes their labels very easy to read.

Not so Good: According to the label, the vitamin B levels in this product are exactly 1/2 of the 2-oz drinks I get at the dollar store.

That said, I wanted to give it a fair trial. Main main question: Would 4166% of my daily recommended B-12 (Red Rain’s numbers) give me enough of a boost, or would I notice a difference from my usual intake of 8333% of recommended B-12? (per the drink I get at the dollar store).

For my preferences, the test produced both good and not-so-good results.

Good: The product tasted rather pleasant with very little medicine flavor.

Good: No unpleasant buzz.

Not so Good: Half of the B vitamins gave me about half my normal energy boost. I like a good boost, and although this product provided some, it wasn’t what I normally shoot for.

Conclusion: If you like a mild-tasting energy drink that provides a mild boost, this would be perfect. If you prefer more of a boost, you probably want something with more B-vitamins.

GloriaAstatula, FL

Pretty good.

Personally, I’ve never tried an energy shot before this Red Rain Berry Flavored Energy Shot. I like the taste of Red Bull, Amp, Full Throttle etc. so I buy those and drink them (although not very regularly) if I need to stay up late or wake up. Overall, this does a similar job — although it gives you less of a jolt than drinking one of those, so if you’re really tired, you probably want something with a bit more kick. Nonetheless, seems more effective than a cup of coffee alone (it has about as much caffeine as a single cup) and is considerably cheaper than the competition, with 5 Hour Energy costing almost twice as much. Again, having never tried 5 Hour Energy, I can’t say how the effects of the two compare, but Red Rain is definitely cheaper (and it works)!


A little sour/bitter. If you can’t stand artificial sweeteners, you probably won’t like the taste all that much, but it’s pretty much done with before you can savor it too long. Taste is kind of like berry flavored Orbit chewing gum. Not bad, but I prefer energy drinks with sugar in them.


Pretty good. $1 per shot seems to be the cheapest you can find any brand of these type of things. Cheaper than buying a latte or regular energy drink, too.


Seemed to provide a reasonable boost. No caffeine buzz, but I consume a fair amount of caffeine, so your mileage may vary if you don’t. Not a big instant rush, more steady and sustained. Some people might like the initial sugar/caffeine buzz that kicks in about 30 minutes after downing a Red Bull etc. You don’t get that burst of super energy from this, which could be viewed as a negative or positive, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re running on 2 hours of sleep, something with more caffeine and sugar will definitely be more effective — I doubt this would do much. However, if you’re not overly fatigued, this will do the job fine (better — I can do without the jitters and buzz unless they’re a necessity to keep me awake).


4/5. Good value and good results. Docked a star for taste — I’m not a huge fan of the flavor (again, your mileage may vary), but it’s a small enough container that it really isn’t too big of an issue.

RobertPrattville, AL