Red Shell Teriyaki Sauce 12 fl.oz.

So Delicious, An authentic original Japanese Teriyaki sauce recipe. The flavor is savor-sweet and one of the best and well known. Anyone can be an instant chef… Just pour & serve on almost everything. It’s that simple to use. You can also use as a marinade on meats just before serving. Great for grilling, broiling or BBQ simply pour or brush on Red Shell Teriyaki Sauce over beef, chicken, pork or fish after it’s cooked.

Quick facts

  • Delicious Savory-Sweet Teriyaki Sauce
  • No MSG Added
  • No Saturated Fat & No Trans Fat
  • Great all purpose Sauce for Grilling, Broiling & BBQ
  • Use as a stir fry sauce & as a dipping sauce

Top reviews

Love this Teriyaki sauce

This is the best Teriyaki sauce we have found. My husband is a self proclaimed Teriyaki sauce snob and he loves this. We discovered it by accident at our local grocer who promptly stopped carrying the product. I was pleased to discover it was available on Amazon and we continue to order it.
AlphonseMatheny, WV

Not bad

It’s a little bland for teriyaki sauce, but that’s probably why my fiance liked it. It’s okay, especially considering the low cost, but it’s not my favorite.
PennieParis, OH