Red Vines Original Red Twists, 16-Ounce Bags

Red Vines Original Red Twists are twisted spiral shape, with a hollow center. The ends were pinched shut, so you couldn’t see the hollow center until after biting in.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 16-ounce bags (total of 192-ounces)
  • Twisted spiral shape
  • Hollow center

Top reviews

1st time was AMAZING, 2nd… not so much

I ordered these red vines (I’m addicted) and they came promptly to my door. They were super fresh and tasty, I think they lasted me a month and a half. I was ecstatic because red vines are the best, as long as they aren’t stale (like they always are at the grocery store on the east coast). 6 months later the order was placed again, they came fast but much to my dismay… the red vines were just as hard as at the store! Why this sudden change in quality? I am giving them one last chance and then I will make my final decision.
JuleePleasureville, KY

My favorite candy

Red Vines cherry-flavored licorice is my favorite candy. This particular amount for the price is a great deal vs. the other offers listed on Amazon and what I’ve found in retail stores.
They took an unusually long time to ship from the warehouse. I placed my order in on a Thursday and it didn’t even leave the warehouse until the following Wed. I live in Southern California and the warehouse was located only one state away, in Nevada. UPS then let it sit in the Nevada location for another day, so it didn’t arrive until Friday. I know the super saver free shipping can take up to 10 days to ship. However, this was the only item in my order and was available in stock.
Basically, I love the product, but Amazon’s customer service was definitely mediocre compared to my past experience. The convenience of having something delivered to your doorstep is pretty much negated by the lengthy wait. Next time, I’ll order early before I run out since this is the least expensive offer for this only little luxury I indulge in during these economic hard times.
JaquelynLumberton, NJ

#1 in Price and Speed!

GREAT service! Fast and as advertised! Best price per pound delivered! I’ll be back! Thank You.
ShelbyGrafton, IL