Redbarn Filled Bone Cheese/Bacon, Small 3-inch

White, cut femur bones and are stuffed with a wholesome, cheesy mixture. The resulting treat couples the teeth-cleaning advantages of the hard bone with the delicious taste of the stuffing. We use real cheddar cheese and bacon bits to provide the taste dogs can’t resist! Bones are available in small and large sizes. All items are shrink-wrapped and UPC coded for your convenience.

Quick facts

  • Long-lasting
  • Highly palatable
  • Stuffed with unique flavors your pet simply cannot resist

Top reviews

My dog isnt into these.

So far my dog wont even touch this. I bought her the cheese and bacon bone and the peanut butter and she isnt giving them the time of day. If she changes her mind i will edit this to let everyone know. Also, these smell really gross and fake. Im kind of happy she doesnt like them as of now because of that.
KassieSandgap, KY

Redbarn Filled Bone, Cheese N’Bacon – Small

Bones are very expensive for size. I can buy twice the size for same price (and same brand)at retail stores.
TroyDexter, NM

Awesome, long lasting

These are amazing. My dog is a big chewer/ shredder, so finding something that will last for him is next to impossible. These are great and my dog loves every flavor. My friend’s dogs reportably never care for these sort of things, but they loved these as well. And they are basicly mess free which is great too.
CalandraHowes, SD

dogs love ’em

my 2 english pointers can’t get enough of these bones. it’s great that the bone is filled all the way thru because they are just going crazy trying to get out the good stuff.
DarleenSouth Plymouth, NY