Redbarn Pet Products Food Roll

The cornerstone of Redbarn Premium Food for Dogs is fresh, high quality, individually hand selected ingredients like choice cuts of fresh meat and wholesome grains (no corn, soy or beet pulp). We use over 50% fresh meat which results in an irresistible food rich in natural proteins. And best yet-Redbarn is 93% digestible-this means your dog will be using all the goodness you provide him with much less clean up for you.

Quick facts

  • All-Natural
  • 93% Digestible
  • Ideal as a full meal or as a supplement to your pet’s current diet

Top reviews

Red Barn Dog Food 4 lb rolls

The price on these rolls is double the normal suggested retail price from the manufacturer. The rolls can be bought anywhere selling them for $8.19/roll!!
SaturninaGig Harbor, WA

Great for training!

I love this Redbarn product, and my dogs love it, too. My dogs are on a raw food diet and I try to stay away from junk treats. I cut this roll up into training sized pieces and it’s amazing at keeping their attention. It’s not as oily as other rolled dog food I’ve tried, so that’s a huge plus.
AbeBelews Creek, NC

Dogs love it!

I bought this because it’s a tad more affordable than Natural Balance’s food roll. I cut this roll up into bite size pieces and use it as a positive food reward when training my dogs. Much to my suprise, both my cats LOVE this stuff as well so I crumble a bit of it into their food and they gobble it right down. My eldercat is thin and I have a hard time keeping weight on her, and she will just about do back flips for this stuff. Came as a huge shock to me because she only likes sweet, creamy treats like cream and yogurt. Anyway, 4 lbs cut into cubes will last you a pretty long time, and when fed as treats won’t cause your animal to have gastric upset.. atleast not mine. 2 thumbs up!
VeolaCheshire, OH

Always Pleased

I’ve used Redbarn beef rolls and chicken and liver rolls for many years.. Because they are a balanced food, they don’t create nutritional gaps if used often for positive reinforcement and are great for puppy training. I would cut them up into small squares and put them in sandwich baggies for my pockets. I prefer Redbarn to other brands because they do not cause the enormous stools the others do, which tells me those brands contain a lot of filler. They also do not contain nitrites. Eventually I began using them to feed a very picky eater who was always too thin, which is the reason I still purchase them, though she is no longer too thin! They do contain wheat, an allergen for many dogs. The Lamb & Rice flavor does not, but my picky eater won’t eat that one.
MarindaSan Mateo, FL

Beef roll

We bought it because of a recommendation from a friend. We tried it and our dog loves it. It is a great product and would recommend it for anyone. A friend of ours also started using if for their dog. A great product.
TraceeHickory Ridge, AR

Perfect for Dog Training

This is good stuff. Smells and looks like sausage. Easy to cut into small training sized portions. Not as gooey at other semi-moist treats, so it keeps your hands and treat bag clean. Keeps well in the fridge. Training is much more effective when I’m using this. Hard to find, so buy it here!
TravisWyocena, WI

premium dog food

This is our Shiz-zu’s favorite dog food. He will eat it dry or mixed with canned. We Motorhome so the convience of the rolled product is much easier and lighter than canned food. I have found when I open a new roll, I cut it into 1″ slices and store in zip lock in fridge. This makes it very convenient to take out a slice, cut and serve. Introduce slowly as your pet could experience loose stools as first.
RuebenWest Liberty, WV

Red Barn Roll Dog Food

The dog food is excellent. My Akbash and Anatolians Love It… however the problem is finding it, and the shipping is as much as the actual product!
AngelinaGilbertsville, NY