Rellure Kesar Mango Pulp, 30-Ounce Cans

Rellure Kesar Mango Pulp is ideal for milk shakes, Ice creams and mango juice.

Quick facts

  • Great for Mango Shakes

Top reviews

Overpriced!!! Even in Amazon!!!!!!

The product is of excellent quality and of great taste and is imported from India. Unlike most of the items available in, this one is overtly priced @$23.99 when you can get it only at $8.99 in local grocery shops.
AlysaIrvington, NJ

Not really a 30oz can.

It is not 30oz per can and I find somewhere cheaper later on. I feel kind of disappointed with this time.
MerrillStapleton, AL

Crammed full of Sugar – 21g per serving, 168g per can

I spent days trying to find decent mango puree in order to make mango shakes, and since I’m a health nut, I try to control my sugar intake. Every mango puree I look at is full of sugar, and this brand is no different. 21 grams of sugar per serving, and an amazing 168 grams for the entire can. An average can of soda contains 45 grams, for comparison. I know they make unsweetened mango puree, but I can’t find it.

Other than that, it’s a decent enough product if you don’t care about unnecessary sugar intake. Nice and creamy, good product from good fruit. Very sweet, but these manufacturers don’t understand that you don’t need to add so much sugar to a naturally sweet fruit! There IS a market for unsweetened fruit, guys.

CelestaPeaks Island, ME

Great for making lassi drinks

I love this pulp — it is inexpensive and delicious and an easy way to get fruit into the kids’ diets. My only concern is that it has added sugar and overall is quite high in sugar, but since I mix it with plain lowfat yogurt and milk for lassis, I believe the whole is pretty healthful.
JefferyCalumet, MI

Good product, but huge dent in 1 of 6 cans

I have purchased this item in a larger can before and it is great mango pulp for cooking, desserts, etc.

One of the six cans had a huge dent and it would have been obvious before pack was placed in shipping box. Items were packaged very well so I don’t see how this could have happened during shipping since the outside box had no signs of damage. It is too much of a hassle to return all 6 cans because of one damaged can. And I need one can for mango cupcakes that I’m making this weekend. Due to anosmia, the dented can will probably be thrown away because I can’t tell if it is good or bad. I will probably not purchase this item again from Amazon and will buy locally if I can find it.

NoemiCanaan, IN

This is excellent mango pulp

Very consistent, great flavor and makes a great simple Mango Lassi.

Just mix one full can of this and then full the can with milk (I like whole, but you can use 2%). Stir it to get all the good stuff off the can, pour into a vase and chill overnight.

Excellent for you and tastes great!

ShirleyDelta, OH

Mango made be the best tasting fruit

My mouth imploded as the first drops entered my digestion systems. My pleasure point rose to where no taste buds have ever simulated. If there was available trucks load of mango pulp the consummation would be rapid. That’s why I live in Grand Rapids MI
AnnemarieAurora, IN

i like it

Used it for mango lassi, mixed it with milk, sugar and youghurt and it came out great. Nothing to complain about. I would purchase again
ShanaPapaikou, HI