REPUBLIC OF TEA Raw Green Bush Tea, Black Currant Cardamon


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Simply Delish!!!!

This tea is absolutely yummy! It has a smooth taste that meshes well my taste buds. It is also very relaxing and soothing. I do use two tea bags to get a stronger flavor, but it’s definitely not necessary….I just like bold flavors.

I plan on trying this with steamed vanilla almond milk and stevia, and a tad bit of agave nectar. I bet this blend will be just as tasty. I will update with my verdict after I try it.

UPDATE: so I ended up trying this with the vanilla almond milk. I know I said it was absolutely yummy with water, but with straight vanilla almond milk, it was EXTRAORDINARILY delicious!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy this tea 🙂

So, I basically made this the way I would if using water.

I put the vanilla almond milk into the tea kettle, along with some cinnamon, and let it heat until the whistle. Then I poured it over two of the tea bags. I also used some packets of stevia and a bit of agave to sweeten it.

Again, very yummy. I love to get the salted caramel mochas from Starbucks, which is not the healthiest, but this tea I make totally kills my cravings. This is really good for me because I do no have to consume all that cows milk and sugar. My 6 year old daughter is in love with this blend as well…so it is kid approved.

MiraEsmond, ND


This was quite an impulse purchase for me (speedily delivered from the Pacific Northwest) though I was certainly looking for a quality black currant tea. And this has it — and more. I haven’t been a big fan of the taste of rooibos — and the smell of this raw unfermented version is not so pleasant when compared to other teas and blends. But the ingredients are consistently excellent, and the taste is fine. (I do add a little almond milk and some blueberries to fortify mine). It is certainly pricy — about 50 cents per bag when shipping is included. Yet you get an amazing colorful reusable tin (I keep these in wire racks on the backs of doors in the kitchen) and this company really excels with its innovative blends. You also don’t get the hyper boost of caffeine — it’s just pure antioxidant power and flavor from the right fruit and herbal ingredients. The cardamom also helps settle your stomach and gives it kind of a chai edge. (You might want to add a dash of cinnamon too). If you are looking for something different and vanguard, this is clearly the brew for you — so feel free to indulge. But the first whiff might make you think that someone has been mowing his lawn!!
UnaPerrysburg, OH

Great Tea!!

This is a very tasty green tee. We love the flavor and the fact that it is caffeine-free. It makes a refreshing beverage in the evening while watch television or reading.
IngeborgColdwater, MS