Reserve Du Chateau 4 Week Wine Kit, German Nierstiner, 17.5-Pound Box

4 week wine kit.

Quick facts

  • Single 17.5-pound box
  • Step-by-step instructions included
  • All ingredients are 100% food grade OGM Free

Top reviews

Great wine

I bought this wine kit because I wanted to find a nice white wine that I could let age a while before I gave it to any family or friends. When this wine was complete, it tasted a little thin to me. However, 3.5 months of aging brought it a lot way and it tastes wonderful. I highly recommend this kit if you just want to make a batch of wine to age and enjoy down the road. I can only imagine how good it will taste in another 6 months to a year.
SimonneLatexo, TX

Pleasantly Surprised

This isn’t Debra, it’s husband Mike. I just finished bottling my Niersteiner. The kit called for a finish of 30 bottles (6 gallons) but I made it a 5 gallon finish instead and the wine tastes very good, like a Riesling a little bit, but Niersteiner comes from a different grape. Made 5 gallons because with the amount of juice the kit has I felt the wine would be thin and I plan on entering this wine in competitions. I also made a tannin addition to the wine which adds to the rich flavor but it also made the wine throw a slight pectin haze visible if you hold a bottle to the light. I would and have reccomended these kits to friends and currently have 3 other Reserve Du Chateau kits going, one of them being another Niersteiner. These kits are a good value, included are corks, labels and caps. Visit my blog at: […].
CathrynViking, MN