Reserve Du Chateau 4 Week Wine Kit, Italian Valpolicella Style, 17.5-Pound Box

4 week wine kit.

Quick facts

  • All ingredients are 100% food grade OGM Free
  • Step-by-Step instructions included
  • Making Great Wines is as easy as 1,2,3

Top reviews

Not as good as Vino Italiano Valpolicella

This wine, if done properly creates a good drinkable wine. That being said, however, I prefer the Vino Italiano brand kit of Valpolicella. I find it creates a smoother wine, as it creates wine that has 1% less alcohol content. The Reserve Du Chateau brand is good, but in my opinion save the extra bucks and grab the Vino Italiano brand of “Val”. The RDC brand does have more options of wines, so if you’ve been making kits for awhile now and you want variety, you’re going to find it in the RDC brands. These kits, just like their Vino Italiano counterparts are very easy to make.
MargorieCamden, MS