Reserve Du Chateau 6 Week Wine Kit, Italian Amarone Style, 55-Pound Container

sterile must 23L, no water to add, wine ready in 6 weeks

Quick facts

  • All ingredients are 100% food grade OGM Free
  • Step-by-Step instructions included
  • Making Great Wines is as easy as 1,2,3

Top reviews

Just a warning!

Just as a warning, I looked everywhere on this page to see how it would arrive at my parents house for Christmas. I addressed it to myself as this gift was meant to be a huge surprise on Christmas day for my mother who loves wine. Sadly, it did not arrive in a box and therefore the surprise was ruined. I’m sure the kit will still be great, but be warned if you’re sending this somewhere to later wrap as a present, it does not come in a box. The creativity behind a gift like this will be ruined. For someone like me who lives far away from home I often dont have much of a choice but to have presents sent to my parents house (addressed to me) to then wrap and give to my family on Christmas day. Not being there to see the surprise on my mother’s face has really put a damper on my holiday.
ValerieMonticello, WI

So far

This is my 55th wine kit and my second all juice kit. At this point, the kit has been made and bottled-after bulk aging a couple of months.

The inside of the kit reminds me of a Mosti Mondiale all juice kit. The instructions were fine. The instructions also reminde me of the Mosti Mondaile all juice kit I have made. The look of the juice was lighter than what I’m used to seeing in an Amarone kit. I’m wondering if this going to be the weight of a Pinot Noir. This kit did not come with any crushed grape pack so I added a used one to increase the solids/weight of the wine…so now the kit is bottle aging. I’ll try a bottle at about 6 months of age—which puts it at the beginning of June. Stay tuned.

DarceyOnaway, MI

Great price, exactly what we wanted!

We received this exactly as sold. The price was better than great, it was fantastic. We were surprised that the kit even came with labels. We are very pleased!
TyFort Leavenworth, KS