Reunion Island RI58012 Kona Blend Single Cup Coffee Pods, 18-count

Reunion Island Coffee was founded in 1996. Its president, Peter Pesce, is a past Chairman of the Coffee Association of Canada and has played a key role in the development of the national specialty coffee market. In a recent feature article, the Toronto Star referred to Peter as “reputedly the best ‘cupper’ in Canada… Not only is Pesce a cupper (taster) par excellence, he is a walking encyclopedia of coffee facts, figures and esoterica.”Peter’s reputation is the result of over three decades of experience in sourcing, blending and roasting coffee for the high-end foodservice market. Building on this foundation, Reunion Island has expanded to serve the unique needs of hotel, retail and office coffee service operators.We cultivate loyalty through consistency, flexibility, quick turnaround and virtually limitless variety. Our team of sales, marketing and operations professionals have decades of industry experience, allowing us to offer value-added services that secure long-term partnerships.

Quick facts

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  • 18-count box of 10g single cup coffee pods for use with the bunn my cafe mc and mcp brewers and other brands and models of pod brewers
  • Rich, volcanic soil and the warm hawaiian climate yield a smooth, mild coffee
  • Medium roast
  • Unlike plastic capsules, pods allow you to appreciate authentic coffee aroma before, during and after the brew;
  • Pods are compostable and have less packaging than plastic capsule systems
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Top reviews

This is not a Tassimo product

This was advertised by Amazon as a product that can be used with a Tassimo coffee maker. It can’t! The coffee is packaged in a round tea bag. This is incompatible with the Tassimo coffee maker!!!
LanDetroit Lakes, MN

Not as good as it sounded.

Foremost the flavor of the coffee was not as good as I had hoped. Secondly it is not what I wanted. My intention was to by K-cups and Amazon offered me these in the search. These are the small flat pods not K-cups.
BarberaFelton, CA

Not what I thought it would be

I was searching for k-cups on Amazon. This came up in my search. Price seemed good and it was not clear that it wasn’t k-cups. now stuck with 3 boxes. Not worth return charge. Please do a better job in your search process.
LavernNew Underwood, SD

Excellent Coffee

Excellent Coffee..I bought it by mistake…I have a Keurig coffee maker.They didn’t fit.I was going to send them back to Amazon.But,It work out in such a way. that I was able to keep them!!!So,we just made a hole in their little filter and poured the coffee into my Keurig filter.And talk about NUMMY!!! Such good coffee!!!I will be buying more from this seller and in the Kona love love it! 🙂
TorieChaplin, CT

Reunion Island Kona coffee pods….

I had been buying the Senseo Kona pods for our Senseo machine, but they recently stopped offering them. We enjoy the Kona blend flavor, & these are a good substitute…..a bit pricy tho. One concern I have is that each pod is individually wrapped in a shiny foii pod holder……don’t think they are bio- degradable….. not good. Will continue to look for a more sustainable solution…..have a coffee duck so may go back to that.
JoleenImlaystown, NJ

Reunion Island is a fine coffee

Reunion Island SWP decaf is a nice, bold tasting decaf coffee. Drinking it you would be hard pressed to tell that it is a decaf and not a regular coffee. Just note that this is for pod coffee makers, like the Bunn MCP, Bunn My Cafe, Opod, Senseo and others. This is not for K-Cup or T-Disk makers like the Keurig or Tassimo. Some single-serve pod coffee makers may have a hard time with this coffee, as it is a 10 oz pod, whereas the standard seems to be 8 oz or less. This pod is problematic in Senseo makers, as they have a shallower pod holder. These will work fine in the Bunn or Opod makers.
FrankieNatural Bridge, AL

Good coffee, works with Senseo

This is tasty coffee which works well with the Senseo coffee maker as long as you make sure it is seated properly in the pod holder and the pod is dry.
JuliMiddlefield, OH

Wonderful Coffee!

I agree with another reviewer – this is excellent coffee! I have a Keurig also and bought an EZ-cup from Amazon to put the pod in, which works beautifully! I now visualize myself back in Hawaii, sitting on my lanai, and drink my delicious Reunion Island Kona! I just discovered Reunion Island coffee, but will be a steady customer. Highly recommended! Mahalo!
LeeFort Oglethorpe, GA


I buy my coffe pods in three-packs. I suffered through my last purchase because I mistakenly bought a coffee I thought was from the Blue mountains of Jamaica but was really just flavored coffee with a Jamaican theme, Ack (think cat with hair ball)! So, this time I made sure it was NOT a flavored coffee. I am glad to say this coffee is just what it says, coffee. It smells good and tastes like fresh coffee.
MissyWalton, WV

Reunion island Coffee

Excellent coffee! I wasn’t sure about trying this brand because I’ve never heard of this company. It was a hit in our house. We are very happy they sell pods.
JerleneCamden, NC

kona coffee is the best

single serves or a little highter but to me worth it because i can make one cup at a time
EllisWalpole, MA

Coffee Pods

The donut shop blend is a nice flavored coffee, and is not too pricey. We use our single cup Bunn machine a lot, and the single serve coffee here is nice.My Caf�©(tm) Pourover Commercial Grade Tea & Coffee Pod Brewer, Black (BUNMCP)
KristinaHaldeman, KY

Kona coffee pods

Ive normally ordered the senseo brand for my pod coffee maker (grindmaster) but it is no longer available so thought I would give the kona a try. Love it. It makes good smooth but strong enough coffe. Probably wouldn’t go back to the other. This is a little more expensive and each pod comes in a foil pouch.Downside…ordered extra bold to try also and pods don’t fit, too thick.
KatherynEast Peoria, IL