Revolution Foods Fruit & Veggie Organic Mashups, Carroty Chop, 3.17-Ounce 4 Pouches

A mishmash of pure fruit fun! We’ve taken real fruit and made purees that can be eaten right out of the pack. Mashups have all the goodness of fruit without any of the prep. They’re great for tossing in the lunchbox and just as enjoyable at home. We like to think of them as an easy squeezy way to eat fruit!

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  • Kosher

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12 actual boxes

I have no idea why Amazon is selling these so cheaply but I am thrilled. This particular one happens to be my toddler’s favorite flavor.

These pouches are great for the car for a sudden snack attack or as part of a meal. They are even great for a snack for a pregnant mom or anyone else!

Once opened each individual pouch should be consumed within 24 hours and ideally refrigerated if not finished in one setting. Toddlers like this because they get to do things “Mine Self!” and parents can like them too because you could conceivably squeeze out a portion.

LaureBranch, LA

totally misleading

I got 3 boxes with a total of 12 pouches. Makes me question ordering from amazon. I was sent an email on special sales, saying this was slashed in price from $70 to $15.87 a savings of 77%, for a pack of 12. I ordered the apple mashers once when they were on a special, so I thought this was the same special. Who would order 3 boxes for $15.89 when they could get 4 boxes for less. Before, a a pack of 12 was 12 boxes with 4 mashers in each. Other product from revolution listed as pack of 12 are also 12 boxes with 4 in each boxRevolution Foods Organic Mashups, Tropical, 3.17-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12). Why would this one be any different? Of course, these are nonreturnable. I am going to assume that since they sold out, that there are many others who were duped and are going to be just as stumped when they get 3 packs, not 12. I would like to complain to amazon, but looked everywhere and can’t even find a contact us. If the original price had been $70, they would have been around $23 a box, almost $6 a tube. They are definitely lacking in specifics in the description area.
CrystalRuston, LA

So overpriced

When I originally ordered these, it was described as 4- count packages (Pack of 12). I interpreted that to mean 48 total, a fantastic deal. Instead it’s 12 total, which is over a dollar each and a huge rip off. My daughter loves them but I can’t afford to feed her like that.
TamikoEtoile, KY