Revolution Foods Yo’Drops Mango Mania 1.25 Ounce, 5-count

100% real yogurt goodness with a crunch! Never before has yogurt brought such a punch of crunch. Organic Yo’Drops have all the flavor of real fruit & pure creamy yogurt, mixed into freeze-dried drops you can pop in your mouth. A free flow of fun, these pocket friendly packs go with you anywhere. So when it’s time for a snack – drop the books, drop a beat and start poppin’.

Quick facts

  • Certified organic, Non-GMO ingredients; 100% real yogurt & fruit
  • Organic, hormone-free dairy
  • No added sugar & free of high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and artificial ingredients
  • Great for the lunchbox and for on-the-go snacking
  • 100% BPA-free packaging

Top reviews

Would have given fewer stars…

These are awful! Do not waste your money. My 2 year old daughter is a semi-picky eater so when she wouldn’t eat them I tried them. Ugh – I almost spit them out. The taste was almost sour/bitter, and the texture was not good either – think stale rice crispies. I threw them all away. Its a shame because she likes all of the other Revolution Foods that I’ve ordered, but I will be more careful with ordering in the future.
HedyLotus, CA

Whose idea were these? Nice in theory, but…

The plus first. (Notice I only have one.)
*These are individually packaged.
Great for a snack on the go, you’d think right? Not so much.
Onto the drawbacks:
* The pieces are tiny. I’m talking like “nerds” candy sized. Now, my 18 month old DD is right on track with her motor skills, but she cannot manage these by herself unless we are at home and I put them in a bowl and give her a spoon. The pack we tried to eat on the go ended up mostly all over the floor (sorry Target!).
*They aren’t as tasty as the “baby” yogurt melts. Now it may be that these are healthier (I did not compare labels) but my DD just doesn’t get excited about them like she does the bigger yogurt melts.

I saw a reviewer say that she gave these to her 4 year old. I haven’t given them to mine because I bought them for the baby, but I’m guessing there wouldn’t be enough in one pkg. to suffice as a snack.

I wanted to love these but I just can’t!

LoniNecedah, WI

My kid loves them!

My 3.5 yr old loves these things – they are a “special treat” for him in leiu of chocolate and candy – he does pour them directly in his mouth so they arent messy at all – I wouldnt give these to a younger child though, pieces are too small!
I tasted them and they arent my cup of tea but my son sure does love them!
UlyssesOlin, NC

Yummy Healthy Snack!

I recently discovered this product and my kids LOVE it! It is such a new and innovative format for my 4 year old. When she was younger, she loved yogurt melts but now that she is a “big kid”, she refuses to eat those melts because they are for babies. Yo’Drops are crunchy, flavorful yogurt drops that feel like candy but are super healthy. They are individually packed so I can throw a few packs in my purse when we are on the go. I also keep a box of these in my car when my kids are are cranky and need a light, healthy snack in between meals.
SheridanPremium, KY