Revolution Tea, Dragon Eye Oolong Tea, 16 Flow-through Infuser Bags in a Stay-fresh Container

Premium full-leaf tea in the convenience of the Infuser Bag. Packaged with the idea of home use and storage, the stay-fresh container keeps the tea bags fresh, without the worry of excess foil packaging. Fifteen flavors available.

Quick facts

  • Stay-fresh container
  • Premium full-leaf tea
  • 16 Infuser Bags

Top reviews

Super Tea!!!

I first tried this tea at PF Chang’s restaurant. I LOVED it!! Mild and delicious with a flowery essence that delights the senses! Had to have it with sugar at the restaurant, but prefer with a smidge of orange blossom honey or light Agave nectar. yum!
CarlineWillard, OH

oolong tea

You know I was skeptical over this at first but this has really helped me with my metabolism and appetite – this is really great stuff.
GenevieveFortine, MT

Real smooth oolong tea with a full fruit flavor

As a connoisseur of tea, and taking it as a constant pleasure, I can tell you I have specially added this brand and flavor to my cabinet. I first bought a box at Fox and Obel, a fantastic gourmet market in downtown Chicago. The fruity overtones of this tea provide a smooth treasure of flavor that balances well with the taste of the oolong tea leaf. One cube of raw sugar really brings the taste to full flavor.
TeganNew Richmond, WI

A soothing experience

I tried this tea for the first time at Pei Wei restaurants and fall in love with it. Finding it at Amazon was great. Not only I can order and get it in my house but also for less money. For people who love tea is going to be a wonderful experience. For those who are not much into tea, please try it and you will start thinking about tea in a different way. This is not the common “Lipton tea” without taste. This is exotic, refreshing if it’s cold and never boring. I just love it!!
MayraBurlington, PA

Tasty Tea

We found this at PF Changs, and it tastes just as great as it did there. There are 16 bags per box as listed.
JanaErrol, NH


I love Dragon Eye Oolong tea! Hard to find locally, so bought it Amazon. Seemed to be fresh from what I can tell. Enjoy!
KathiRemington, VA

Very good tasting tea.

I really enjoy the taste of this tea. It works well by itself, and it’s also good with a little honey. This tea is now a staple in my cabinet.
KeenaPendleton, NC