Revolution Tea Sweet Ginger Peach Tea, 16-Count Teabags

The antioxidants found in black tea are known to promote better health. Revolution Tea’s Sweet Ginger Peach is a flavor-packed, original tea made from fine Ceylon and Assam teas, fresh peach flavoring and ginger root. This hand-blended wonder has emerged as the most popular flavor in Revolution Tea’s award-winning line of teas. The Infuser Bag: Revolution’s master-blended teas are packaged in the most innovative tea bag available. The Infuser Bag allows you a clear view of the premium, full-leaf tea you are enjoying. As you pour hot water over the tea leaves, watch them expand and infuse, producing a full-bodied, flavorful tea. Make the change to Revolution Infuser Tea Bags today.

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Nylon bags are not my idea of high quality tea

Its my understanding (based on discussions with material scientists!) that nylon releases toxins when put into hot the deal with the nylon tea bags? This wasn’t stated anywhere or I wouldn’t have bought them. The company told me they wee FDA approved, but the FDA is only worried about things that will kill you in the short run, or that have very high levels of dangerous chemicals. Trace amounts are permitted. Considering how much tea I drink, I’d rather not add toxins to my body every single time.

In contrast Might Leaf, while they have similar looking tea bags, theirs are not nylon and are biodegradable in addition to not being dangerous.

Very disappointed in this product. They should at least have been upfront about the nylon bags so concerned people can avoid buying them.

GiuseppinaLaddonia, MO

strong caffeinated tea

I had ordered this set thinking it was the decaf sweet ginger peach one served at PF Changes. I was wrong and instead got over 60 bags of strongly caffeinated tea. The shape is great for a teapot, but awkward for a single cup of tea.
BerryWhite Plains, NY

Good stuff!

I normally drink loose leaf tea. However, the Revolution tea bags are amazing!

1. They don’t fill the bag with dust and fannings. There really are recognizably sized leaves in this bag.

2. You can tell that the leaves are decent sized because the almost-clear nylon bag gives you a great view into them.

3. They leave plenty of room for the leaves to expand in the bag. It’s about 1/3 full, and when you steep the leaves, you can see that they expand and flatten out nicely.

Of the two types of Revolution tea I’ve tried, White Tangerine Tea and Sweet Ginger Peach Tea, the Sweet Ginger Peach is my favorite. However, I tend to like fruity herbal teas more than straight black / white / green teas. I like to hand people a bag of the Sweet Ginger Peach and have them take a good whiff. Granted, a lot of teas are simply aromatic, but this tea isn’t. It really does have the fruity taste of ginger and peach. I love it.

Also, the Sweet Ginger Peach tea makes excellent iced tea.

I highly recommend this product.

BarbraAdger, AL

love, love, love this tea

I originally found the peach ginger tea at the grocery store, of all places, it said it was a close out and was going for $2.50/box!!!! I was so excited to see the nylon see thru bags, how elegant and special, and the tea was as great as the presentation! A wonderful taste of peach, no funky aftertaste, and even when you smell the whole leaves in the bag, it smells like peach.
Try it, you’ll be amazed by this tea like I am.
JasmineGlenbeulah, WI

The beginning of a love affair

This was the first revolution tea flavor I ever tried, and it made me fall in love with the brand. Having tried about half of revolution tea’s line, I’d rate my favorites in order > Acai Green > Tropical green > Chocolate Orange Green > White Pear > Sweet Ginger Peach. I’m more of a green and white tea fan, though, so your experience may differ.
EleanoraHarrisville, NH

Love it!

This is the only tea in my house. I love its peachy taste and the ginger is very subtle. I have a cup every evening to put a soothing touch on my day. I got the pack of of 6 so I would never run out! Haven’t tried the other ones those are next but wanted to make sure I had enough of this one.
BernardoUncle Sam, LA

CT Sherri

My friends and I have enjoyed this kind of tea at a resturant called P.F.Changs and I found it at a local store but much better prices at Amazon. I am enjoying it for icetea as well as hot tea. Very good tea. I split the order with a friend who also liked it and wanted some.
CharleneSpray, OR

Very Peachy

It’s Okay but I must warn that the title is misleading. It should just be called Peach Tea, as I don’t taste ginger at all. That was why I purchased it in the first place, for the ginger infusion. Joke is on me!
MerriDutch Flat, CA

Revolution Teas

These teas are terrific. I love the Earl Grey with Lavender and the White Pear tea as well. I think the Ginger Peach may be my favorite though.
DaniCenter Barnstead, NH

great tasting iced tea

We tried the tea hot and really liked the taste.
So we tried it as iced tea and it comes out great in the iced tea maker using 3 bags per pitcher.
My previous favorite was Stash peach black tea and I usually don’t like the peach teas that are not from black tea.
Stash is still a close 2nd.
AshliSomerdale, NJ

Great deal, great tea!

This is my favorite tea – I don’t normally drink black tea, but this is perfect on its own! I like to pair it with a decaf peach tea for an extra flavor boost.
IdellaSmilax, KY

Wonderful tea

Great aroma and fine taste. I am so happy with Amazon’s subscribe and save price on this. This is our household’s favorite. I wish I could find this in loose tea format.
ShaunnaClarendon, NY


Tea is okay but it’s more of a peach flavor than ginger peach. I couldn’t taste/smell the ginger at all.
AletheaSpearville, KS

Great tea

This is a wonderfully flavored tea. Not too sweet as to be overpowering peach, but enough to help mask the ginger.
KatiVincent, AL

have a cup

The first time I tasted this tea was about a year ago, and since then it has become my favorite. Never bitter, very consistent.
CatarinaSudan, TX

Ginger Peach Tea A Hit

Ginger Peach Tea has the most amazing peach smell. Who does not love peach? It feels so luxurious to smell and sip a sun-ripened peach. Even though I’m down South, I enjoy it warm or hot all year long. (Thank the Lord for air conditioning!) The warmth enhances the odor and thus the flavor. It’s also good cold. It has become my favorite tea.
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JosetteNew Weston, OH

Revoluton Ginger Peach Tea

The tea is fabulous! However, I did request the decaf version and was sent the caffinated version. I used it anyway. Several of my friends also thought it was exceptional and have since purchased the tea.
StantonSomerville, IN

Not always sweet

I love the sweet ginger peach tea. I drink a cup every morning before I go to work and every night before I go to bed. I love it so much that when all of the local grocery stores stopped carrying it, I drove to another city to buy it. And when that store stopped carrying it, I bought it here on Amazon, or so I thought.

Turns out that only half of the boxes actually contained Sweet Ginger Peach Tea. Inside of each box is a sealed bag.
Last night I opened a box of tea, and opened the bag, made a cup of tea, and promptly spit it out.
It wasn’t Sweet Ginger Peach tea at all. I couldn’t figure it out. I pulled the bag out of the box to find out my box had been filled with a bag of Earl Grey Lavendar tea. Gross.

I promptly opened another box to find the same thing. Out of the case of tea, half of it was Earl Grey Lavendar.

If this case had been the Sweet Ginger Peach Tea, I would rate it five stars and tell everyone how lovely and soothing it is. But since the order was filled with boxes whose contents had been switched with something completely different, all I can do is say, save your money and your time and order elsewhere.

EDIT!! After reading my complaint, Amazon refunded the full cost of the tea to my charge card. Their e-mail stated that they are going to investigate the issue with the packaging. I did not expect such a quick response. Hopefully they will get the issues straightened out and I can once again order this lovely tea!! Love AMAZON

RosalieLockeford, CA

A splendid flavored tea

This is a distinctive, different and very enjoyable tea. Fragrant and highly flavorful: it’s almost liqueurlike, without any alcoholic side effects of course. Good on its own or with the usual suspect additives (milk, sugar and/or lemon). Try it at work: you’ll convert your fellow galley slaves.
KurtisCoffman Cove, AK