Revolution Tea White Pear Tea, 20-Count Tea Bags

This delicate, wonderfully fragrant blend combines white tea, sweet pears, and natural pear flavor. High in antioxidants, it provides a refreshing lift.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 20-count (total of 120-count)
  • High in anti-oxidants
  • Contains natural pear flavor

Top reviews

This Tea is Lovely

I’m a fan! This tea is not bitter, and forgives a wide range of temps and steep times. In fact, my favorite way to drink it is to throw a bag into room-temperature water to flavor the water. This works well through 3-4 refills, by which time I tend to forget and leave the room. Steeping for hours does finally bring the bitterness out, so that’s when I toss it.

The “green” flavor of the tea is much stronger than most white teas. It reminds me of a white and green ‘fusion’ tea by Stash, though I prefer this Revolution tea. The pear flavor is delicious, tastes like real pear, and matches the strength of the strong white tea (that sounds funny as I type it – strong white tea?!) well. If you like green AND white tea, and you like pears, give this a shot. I’m really very fond of it.

The package comes with a “resealable freshness bag,” though I’ve never felt the need for one before and I’m not sure I need one now. It doesn’t get in the way, and it’s there if I want to travel without risking leaking tea dust . . . not that there is any tea dust. The tea leaves are as large as loose leaf tea, which might be why it holds up through more steeps than anything else I have in a teabag, and they’re very green. I suspect it still has more moisture in the leaves than most teas, but since I’m reluctant to rip a bag open to perform tests, that will remain a suspicion.

There’s no string on the teabags, and they’re the fancy pyramid type. They feel very nice. This is a distant concern compared to the flavor (which, as I mentioned, I am very fond of), but it’s worth a mention.


KristanTidioute, PA


This is a Delicious Tea. We both like it a lot. It has a
wonderful pear aroma and an almost sweet flavor. Both thumbs up
TessIsland Pond, VT

fragrant and light

I found this tea to be the perfect blend of white tea and delicate pear flavor. It was a calming tea in the afternoon as well as refreshing in the morning.
LeighArch Cape, OR