Rhythm Superfoods Texas Bar-B-Q Kale Chips, 2-Ounce


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Ranch Flavor

14% FAT, and 4 grams of sugar in 2 ounces of food. Not very healthy in any shape or form.
No different than most potatoe chips in reality.
You just need to eat raw, and this may be 95% raw, but the other 5% isnt.
KarynNikolski, AK

Stale Taste, Flavoring Coats the Tongue

I make kale chips at home on a regular basis but wanted to give these a try for flavor inspiration. I opened the bag and a nice scent of BBQ wafted out. So, I pop a piece into my mouth…and while it tasted indeed like BBQ, there was also a distinct stale flavor and the powder flavoring actually coated my tongue – I could have been eating a BBQ-flavored cardboard chip for the lack of kale flavor. They have a heavy feel and do not resemble kale much at all – I was really disappointed. Back to making them myself.
LatriceHaines, OR

Love these chips!

Super healthy! 30% of calcium in one bag and 40% of your iron – coming from a plant source! Its the perfect snack – my kids even like them!
FredrickYork Haven, PA

Not so great…

Tasted old and smelled like dog food. I would suggest buying fresh kale chips at your local health food store.
RaymonGreenwood, LA

Kale Chip Fanatic Says “Yes” to Rhythm BBQ Flavor==Scrumptious!

Mind you, I am a kale chip fanatic! Started eating these things like there was no tomorrow when they first came out over 10 years ago (No, I am not a raw vegan, but eat plenty of raw foods). The wonderful thing about kale chips, in my humble opinion, is that they are a great portable “green” snack. Beware though, as they are somewhat high in fat due to the nut-based batter that coats them, but if your diet is low in fat (as mine is), then these are the perfect food. They are crunchy and filling.

One other plus about Rhythm Foods packaging is that the package is resealable.

Note that this flavor does contain a small amount of sugar. The ingredients are: kale, carrot, apple cider vinegar, tomato, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, beets, yeast powder, garlic, raw sugar, spices, sea salt, natural liquid smoke concentrate. (almost all ingredients are organic).

All kale chips are pretty expensive and this one is no exception. A 2 oz bag is going to cost about $5! which believe it or not is pretty much the going price for this product. Anyway, this might be a good crossover product for those not familiar with raw foods, so give it a try–I mean how many awesome green leafy vegetable snacks are there out there? Kale chips definitely fall into that category–awesomely scrumptious!

MargaretaPineland, SC

Rhythm Superfoods Texas Bar-B-Q Kale Chips, 2-Ounce Pack of 4

Rhythm Superfoods Texas Bar-B-Q Kale Chips, 2-Ounce Pack of 4.

Way to much salt, and seasoning ruined the flavor of these kale chips. Won’t buy again. They smelled alittle rancid.

SulemaMaple Hill, NC

Great alternative to potato chips

Kale chips are a healthier snack food than fried chips. They are a little pricey, although the Amazon price is lower the my local supermarket. One other problem is that in shipping most of the chips arrive crushed, resulting in eating most of the chips with a spoon.
SheryllWilliamstown, OH