RiceSelect Organic Whole Wheat Couscous, 26.5-Ounce Jars

Quality Durum Whole Wheat. 100% Organic. USDA Organic. All natural. Low carb friendly. Contains 100% certified organic couscous. Processed to National Organic Standards.

Quick facts

  • Case of four 26.5-ounce jars (106-total ounces)
  • Pure organic whole wheat couscous
  • No-fat; an excellent source of protein, fiber, and iron
  • Quick-cooking; nutty taste is great for salads or grilled veggies
  • Made from domestic ingredients and packaged in Alvin, Texas

Top reviews


LenitaMount Hope, AL


Fantastic stuff! I recently had a heart attack and had to make a drastic change in the way I eat. Couscous was one of the “preferred” items listed on my new menu. I went on line and found a receipe for Aztec Couscous and it was the hit of the dinner table. I am so impressed with this product that I ordered a whole case (4 packs of 4 :-})
BrettHayes Center, NE

Love it

So easy to prepare, higher fiber without the too-rough texture, kids love it, too and don’t complain that it’s whole wheat
StephanFairfield, TX

Great Taste & Great Value

Much cheaper than in the grocery store (retail $7.15 w/out tax).
Very Tasty – I eat it twice a day.
I like putting cinnamon, sugar & milk on it.
My husband puts butter and garlic on it.
Using the microwave – it is ready to eat within minutes!!!
SeptemberDukedom, TN

Great Buy

Great, easy to make whole wheat couscous. Same container found in store just a bulk buy, which saves you money.
DamianNitta Yuma, MS

Great and Tasty!!!

I love couscous but this whole wheat couscous is so delicious and tasty. It took 3 to 5 minutes to cook and prepare with my meal. This is great pasta to add to your diet.
KristianDillingham, AK

Great, easy to prepare!!! Not having anymore:..(

Trying to do more whole grain foods,and fiber. this is a winner!
LOVE the Easy prep!!
Not having wheat anymore :..(
GarrySaint Elmo, AL

A terrific product

Whole wheat, fast, convenient jar for storage before opening and refrigerating after. What’s not to like? I’ve been known to make a batch and mix it with dill dip (OK, so I’m not a gourmet cook, but I need to eat and am a semi-vegetarian with little time) for lunch or dinner and it fills me till breakfast. I have some new cookbooks and plan to use it a little more traditionally/creatively and know it will work easily and dependably.
KallieMc Donough, NY

Healthy “fast food” for kids and adults

We LOVE couscous but I have a hard time finding the whole wheat version in our local stores, so I thought I would try this brand. I’m thrilled that this is organic and that the only ingredient on the label is certified organic unenriched whole durum semolina (wheat).

I made the first round of this couscous tonight for my kids’ dinner (a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old). I love that I can make them something healthy in the time it takes to boil a cup of water and wait 5 minutes. It’s that simple. To make it a meal, I simply added some herbs and a little bit of precooked meat to the water prior to adding in the couscous, and “voila!” in less than 10 minutes I was sprinkling parmesan cheese on their healthy, easy, quick dinner which they gobbled up and asked for seconds. My husband and I both tried it as well and it was delicious. The couscous cooked up very light and fluffy. I love how couscous can pair with so many different ingredients to create various types of meals/tastes, how fast it is to cook, and how much my entire family loves it! Great product!

LindseyTipton, TN

Great price for a household staple.

Whole wheat couscous is a food staple in our house, and purchasing it in the local stores is either very expensive (single boxes) or not great for storage (bulk purchase from natural foods store). The four containers make storage a breeze and the price per ounce is a great savings.
TamekaChester, ID


Arrived quickly in good shape packaging was not damaged, the quality of the product was very good when I used it and was what I expected of it.
HilmaKeeling, VA


LeonieFraser, CO

Whole Wheat Couscous

Received product quickly and as promised. Great price considering I am not able to locate this product where we currently live. Would highly recommend.
EugeniaEl Dorado, KS

Whole wheat couscous is hard to find

When my local store stopped carrying any whole wheat couscous, I was sorely disappointed. I was glad to find it available on Amazon.

This fine-grained couscous is good quality and tasty. I like it as a quick-cooking alternative to rice or noodles. It’s great for camping since all you do is pour boiling water over it and wait three minutes. We often have it under stir-frys, dahls, or with a gravy-rich chicken dish. It holds sauce very well.

Four jars is a lot – it’s about 4 cups per jar, with our family of four needing about a cup or a cup and a half per meal – but we’ll get through it all eventually.

HanManokotak, AK

My Son loves this stuff!

Couscous cooks faster than pasta or rice. I can concentrate on the topping dish, and don’t have to fuss with the base(noodles or rice). It’s a real time saver.RiceSelect Original Couscous, 31.7-Ounce Jars (Pack of 4)
JerrellNew Hope, VA

Ditch the white rice, eat this

This is a very fine grained couscous, which allows it to be ready to eat in not more than 5 minutes. If your carbohydrate staple is white rice, give this one a try. It cooks faster, is more nutritious and tastes better too. Mind that this doesn’t come with it’s own “spice” or “flavor” pack, and it may taste bland on when cooked just plain. However it serves as a very good base. You can add almost any ingredient to your taste to make a great couscous dish.
AnnisPalmyra, NY

Tasty and a great price

My husband and I love this stuff, and this is by far the cheapest price we have found for this brand. It cooks up fast and is easy to season to our tastes.
FrankieDemotte, IN