Rich Nature Dark Chocolate Goji Berries 227g / 8 Oz Rice Paper Eco Packs

Rich Nature Dark Chocolate Goji Berries combine two of the highest sources of antioxidants on earth – dark chocolate, a superfood and goji berry, the top-ranked superfruit. Rich Nature Dark Chocolate Goji Berries make a perfect union of flavor and health. They are completely natural and do not contain any additives. They are sweet, versatile and taste great.

Quick facts

  • MSRP $12.95
  • Features Premium semi-sweet Dark Chocolate
  • Whole Organic Goji Berry Super Fruit inside every piece
  • Vitamin C, Iron, Dietary Fibers, and Protein
  • The perfect gift for that discerning friend, client, or family member

Top reviews

not what I expected

I didnt like these, ended up throwing them away because I thought I was getting more of a chocolate fix out of them than a healthy snack. The berries were dry and crispy – I was expecting maybe a little chewy like a small raisin or something.
VirginiaNew Hope, PA

Fantastic, slightly decadent snack

These chocolate-covered goji berries are fantastic! I really had no idea what to expect, but as chocolate-covered snacks go, these are better than nuts, espresso beans, and any other dried berry I’ve tried. Highly recommended!
LieselotteHenderson, KY

Tasty and contains actual goji berries

Unlike other versions I have tried, this is actual goji berries covered in chocolate (as opposed to goji juice or a combination of juices covered in chocolate), so they could be considered a “healthier” treat option. The sweetness of the chocolate really compliments (and somewhat overrides) the bitter sweetness of the fruit. If you’ve tried goji berries before and found they were too bitter for your taste, I would suggest trying them again covered in dark chocolate. Yum! FYI: 180 calories (10g fat) in 40 grams (less than 1/4 cup)
WanettaDiamond, MO


The older I get I more particular I am. And, as snack treats go, this is a winner! It’s pure taste bud delight to savor the mixed flavors of healthy fruit and dark chocolate. Addictive indeed, but minus the usual post snack guilt! Sincere appreciation to the creators of this fine treat.
CamiBogue, KS

yummy treats

Gogi berries covered in Dark Chocolate – what more can you ask for. A treat that really is good for you. Love them!!
KellyLowndes, MO

chocolate goji berriers

the chocolate goji berries taste better then the regular goji berries. But I would not recomend them to anyone.They are not worth the money
SherylLobeco, SC