Ricochet Mints with Xylitol, Fruit Punch, 100-Count Mints

Emerald Forest’s Ricochet Mints are delicious. They’re made with 96% Xylitol and all natural flavors and colors. Packaged in collector tins, they’re destined to be a classic. Emerald Forest Xylitol is a sweeter, healthier, smarter choice than other sweeteners. Our Xylitol is made from non-genetically modified corn and it’s pesticide free. It’s safe for diabetics: it scores a seven on the glycemic index – sugar is 68. Therefore, xylitol doesn’t affect blood sugar or insulin levels. It has 2.4 calories per gram and 75% less carbohydrate intake than sugar. It’s as sweet as sugar and can be used in any recipe that calls for sugar. It’s also ideal for sweetening coffee, tea or cereal. Classified as a sugar alcohol or polyol, xylitol can be manufactured from starches or extracted from plants. It’s naturally occurring in our bodies, and can be found in some fruits and vegetables. Sugar alcohols like xylitol and erythritol are dental friendly because they can’t be metabolized by oral bacteria so they don’t contribute to tooth decay. Sugar alcohols create an alkaline environment in the mouth instead of an acidic environment. Emerald Forest xylitol is made from corn; the xylan molecule is extracted from the corn in a process that’s classified as all natural. No bleaching occurs at any time during this process. The manufacture of xylitol complies with FDA regulations. Xylitol has a low molecular weight which means it won’t brown the way other sugars do when baked. The benefits of using xylitol as a healthy alternative to sugar and as part of a comprehensive program including proper dental hygiene have been recognized by the American Dental Association. Emerald Forest Sugar, Inc is committed to making the highest quality all natural sweeteners and snacks available. Call us at 303.991.1999 or visit www.emeraldforestxylitol.com.

Quick facts

  • Delicious all natural mints sweetened with xylitol and natural flavors and colors. Diabetic Safe. Dental Friendly.

Top reviews

Kids flavor

One of my kids had 8 cavities in less than one year. We are frequent dentist visitors and we brush twice a day and floss, so this was a shock. The dentist suggested getting some of these mints with xyletol in them since some studies say its good for teeth, so I bought these for my kid. I don’t let my kids chew gum so these mints work fine. The kids also love the fruit punch taste.
EsmeraldaWest Augusta, VA

This particular flavor has no, well, flavor.

I was very disappointed with the Fruit Punch “Flavor” of these candies. The Grape flavor from the same brand have nice flavor and a sour zing to them. These just taste a bit sweet and that is it. Absolutely zero fruitiness and zero sourness.

I’ll force my way through them, the Xylitol is good for your dental health, but I’ll never order this flavor again. I really hope the company will reformulate these, not sure how it ever passed out of internal testing. Should really be labeled “plain”, or “flavorless”.

ReganCalifornia, KY