Riedel Wine Series Viognier/Chardonnay Glasses, Set of 4

Sip in style with this set of four Riedel wine glasses. Riedel’s Wine collection was created for customers who feel that plain stemware on a well laid table is just not decorative enough. It combines a light catching, decorative stem and Vinum’s most popular bowl shapes. Each glass is expertly balanced and very sturdy. The “Wine” collection is appropriate for everyday use and is ideal for all users who are expanding their wine palate with exploration of many wines from many regions of the world. With this fine collection of glasses, Riedel achieves what the essence of wine and other beverage drinking is all about: enjoyment. Perfect for everyday use, the four Viognier/Chardonnay glasses are made by the world-renowned German wineglass maker Riedel Crystal and are recommended for Bordeaux (white), Burgundy (white), Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Condrieu, Hermitage Blanc, Marsanne, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Sauternes, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier. Though glasses shaped and sized for different types of wine seem commonplace today, when Riedel introduced this idea in 1961, it was revolutionary. Since then Riedel has continued fine-tuning glasses to bring out the best characteristics in wines and spirits. Varying bowls’ shapes and sizes affects the position of the head when sipping and where wine first contacts the tongue’s various taste zones. This set of four glasses arrives boxed and makes an excellent gift. 8-1/4″ H, with a 13 ounce capacity

Quick facts

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  • Set of 4 Wine Series Viognier/Chardonnay glasses; 13 ounces, 9-1/4 inches tall
  • Machine-made by world renowned glassmakers
  • Non-leaded glass for less expense than crystal
  • Modeled on the varietal-specific, more costly Vinum series
  • Also for White Bordeaux, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and more

Top reviews

Shipping fiasco

Love the Riedel glasses and had ordered them in the past from Amazon. Unfortunately, the Amazon shipping department seems to have difficulty packing delicate items: The first shipment included a couple of heavy books which shifted during mailing and broke the glasses. The replacement box had the glasses jammed against one corner with air packing around three sides. Those arrived broken, also. Guess we’ll purchase the glasses at a wine shop! Love Amazon and this is the first time we’ve had a shipping problem with you!
LelahLouin, MS


Riedel is always a quality product. You can never go wrong with them.
DedraThatcher, AZ

Enhancing your wine with a glass.

Well this glass will do it.
The wine does taste sweeter or as they say fruitier.

Great buy ,great to hold and play with the wine.

Only problem is they are so thin and pretty they break
So plan on restocking every once in a while.(that is the one star down)


DespinaChristopher, IL

Reidel Wine Sreies is Great!

Riedel Wine Sreies is the best value out there for wine lovers. The unique shape of each glass for different varietals and types of wine truly enhance the wine drinking experience. Delicate rims and the fluted stem are an elegant touch.
AlvinaRye, NH

Good Wine Glasses

I think most people buy Riedel glasses because they are Riedel glasses. They are a fine wine glass and because of the name make nice gifts but don’t count on them making your wine drinking experience any better like they claim.
JeanniePort Carbon, PA

Beautiful, functional, lead-free

I chose these glasses over the crystal Vinum glasses as I use these every day and did not want to have more contact with lead than necessary. The Wine series strikes a fine balance between varietal specific bowls and the lead free glass at a very reasonable price point. I have received many compliments on these glasses both from people who “know” wine as well as people who have never had wine from a varietal specific glass before. My only word of advice is to check the glasses as soon as you get them, of the 16 glasses I ordered of various styles, 2 glasses from 2 different shipments arrived with shattered stems as amazon did not pad the boxes of glasses enough and did not mark the boxes in any way as fragile.
SageBremen, OH

Everyday wine glasses

We bought these glasses for everyday use and they are a nice “step up”. We are pleased to have them on the table. I have handblown ones which I save for entertaining.
JodiePewee Valley, KY

Always a winner

These are excellent and a great price for the money. In addition, they are often difficult to locate on the street – pick these up and be prepared with a guaranteed find!
GeorginaBenton, MO